Pre-Curling Crochet Braiding Hair + Invisible Roots Method Video

pre-curling crochet hair

By far this has been my best crochet braid install ever! I credit this to the brand of crochet hair that I chose and my choice to pre-curl the hair before installing it to my hair. For my crochet braids I decided to go with the Cuban Twist brand.  YouTubers Border Hammer and My Natural […]

Curlkit Let Me School You Event Recap

Ariane Williams at CurlKit Event

This past saturday I attended CurlKit’s Let Me School You Event featuring Tameeka McNeil-Johnson aka The Curl Whisperer. It was a beautiful event filled with tons of sisterhood! My favorite highlights of the event included seeing the Curl Whisperer transform kinks using the shingling method and Karen Tappin of Karen’s Body Beautiful Mixing Class. I have long […]

4 Natural Hairstyles for a Wedding or Special Occasion

Hairstyle for Special Occasion Feat Image

One of the reasons I love being natural is the versatile styling options. From fros to flat twists, twist outs to twist and curls – the possibilities are seemingly endless! But what about finding the perfect natural hairstyle for a wedding or formal occasions? This situation may stump even the most seasoned natural. This isn’t […]

Natural Spotlight: Yelitsa Jean-Charles of Healthy Roots

Yelitsa Natural Spotlight

Meet Yelitsa Jean-Charles the founder and creator of Healthy Roots!  How long have your been natural? I have been natural since September of 2012. That’s about a year and half now. Why did you decide to go natural? Going natural wasn’t a traditional process for me.  I had never had a perm, but I did […]

Have No Shame in Rocking Your Coils Undefined

coils undefined

I don’t have to have a defined curl pattern to enjoy my natural hair. Sometimes, I need a break from manipulating, molding, and shaping my hair into something it’s not. Often times my preference is to just moisturize my hair and go. Some people view this as “unkempt” hair, but you know what it’s mine. I still remember […]