Expert Advice: Maintaining Moisture on Natural Hair

Expert Natural Hair Advice Moisture

By Darrius Peace The optimal way to retain moist tresses is to shampoo the hair 2 to 3 times a week. I know many of you may be thinking, this man dun’ bumped his head! Ain’t nobody got time for that! Because, I know that this is not practical for the naturalista who wants to [...]

Domineque Banks (LongHairDontCare2011) We Will Miss You

Domineque Banks - Longhairdontcare2011

When I first found out I couldn’t believe that Domineque Banks also known as LongHairDontCare2011 on YouTube had passed on. It was hard to believe that such a beautiful, young, vibrant woman that inspired so many people has left us too soon. A friend of the family released this statement: “It is with a most [...]

Louisa’s Hair Regimen

Louisa Hair Regimen

About Me Hi, I am Louisa and I am the founder of I am a natural hair fanatic and an advocate. Why I went natural After years of relaxers, my hair started falling out quite rapidly and was damaged to its entirety. I decided to go natural in March 2012 and learn how to [...]

Nap Photo + Happy Naturals!

NAP PHOTO- Ciera CurlTube

Are you happy to be nappy? Then you must see this video inspired by Pharell Williams. This video is filled with ladies who are natural and loving it! Thank you Ciera of CurlTube for sharing this!

Nap Photo: Aprecia

Aprecia Nap Photo Feature

My name is Aprecia Williams I have been natural all my life (19 years) but I took very poor care of  my hair until my senior year in high school, now I am very loving and gentle with my hair. My favorite go to style is currently my frohawk I wear it almost everyday its [...]

Reader Question: Salon Visit Gone All Wrong

Salon Visit Gone Wrong

Reader Laiken asks, Hi my name is Laiken , I am 22. I went natural 2 years ago and it grew to shoulder length. My mum then said I needed to get it treated professionally so after couple weeks of nagging I went , but it was the worse thing I did. The stylist steam [...]

Natural Spotlight: Shania

Shania Natural Spotlight

What is your name? Shaniah How long have your been natural? 2-3 years. Why did you decide to go natural? I found out it was a better option for my hair and I learned to love my natural curl pattern and I felt like society always  wanted you to look like the pretty long straight [...]