Natural Spotlight: Chante

Chante Natural Spotlight

How long have your been natural? I’ve been natural for about a year. I went natural in Fall 2014. I started off my natural journey with faux locs and after a year of wearing them I felt that it was time to start rocking my crown, so I chopped them off in May of 2015. […]

All About Henna for Natural Hair


Many naturals enjoy using henna in their regimen. It has a multitude of benefits and is a great all-natural way to provide nourishment to the hair. But henna is a chemical and it comes with a lot of myths, so it’s important to know exactly what you’re dealing with before you choose to use it. […]

5 Reasons to Wear Your Afro Undefined

undefined afro

Have you thought about wearing your hair undefined without doing anything to create curl definition? Well, you should do it! Here are some reasons you should give it a go: Less time consuming Twist outs, braid outs and roller sets look beautiful, but lets be real they are time consuming. When you are rocking your […]

Does a Healthy Diet Grow Your Hair Faster?

does eating healthy make hair grow longer

I wish I could be more straightforward with my answer on this, but I have to say yes and no. Mostly, no. Yes, I get it, make up your mind it’s either one or the other! Well here is my reasoning behind my baffling response: I say no because…. Hair grows an average of 1/2 inch […]

Happy Go Nappy Podcast: Ariane on Natural Hair, Blogging and More!

Happy Go Nappy Feature

I had a lovely interview with Joseph Marcus of I was featured on his Roots and Culture podcast where we discussed my natural journey, my thoughts on hair typing, the most important aspects of a healthy hair regimen, and what led me to creating Black Naps. There is a nice mix of natural hair […]