Just A Reminder: Change Your Habits


Ever heard the phrase, “Insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results?” This popular Albert Einstein phrase is often quoted, but how often do we actually take heed to the underlying message, which is: change your habits? One of the problems most of us have is that we don’t first identify […]

How to Grow Your Edges Back

how to grow edges back

As soon as you notice your edges thinning out take action. Ignoring the problem will only make it worse and will lead to permanent damage. If your situation is really bad have a Dermatologist evaluate your hair. If your follicles are not dead and you haven’t suffered permanent hair loss with patience and consistency you can […]

5 Under the Radar Newbie Natural Hair Youtubers to Follow

natural hair youtubers

YouTube has been a haven for natural hair enthusiasts for several years now. It’s a place where you can learn new styles, watch product reviews, and find other naturals who have hair textures similar to your own to help guide you along your journey. Plus, it’s a great way to motivate you throughout your transition, […]

Stretched Styling With: @ClassyCurlies


Meet Victoria, a natural who’s all about encouraging others to embrace their beauty and be self-confident! My name is Victoria Davis and I am the blogger behind ClassyCurlies.com. I decided to go natural in 2010, which was the year of my last relaxer. In 2011 I performed the big chop after 13 months of transitioning. […]

Silverbird Blow Dryer Review

sliverbird blow dryer

On the market for a new hair dryer? The Silverbird Blow Dryer is well equipped to blow out your hair in a breeze. Overall it’s an exceptional styling tool that works great on kinky hair textures. If I am not doing a wash n’ go using my new favorite, the max hydration method, I prefer stretched […]