Natural Spotlight: Rochelle Graham

Rochelle Graham-feature

Meet our Natural Spotlight feature Rochelle Graham! As BlackOnyx77 on YouTube and CEO of Alikay Naturals, you and your brand are cornerstones in the natural hair community.  What was the inspiration behind your YouTube videos and did you know that you would have so much success when you launched your first YouTube video in 2008? […]

Dry Hair After Washes? Try A Water Only Hair Rinse.


Experiencing dryness after washes? I know if you are a new natural you may have come to associate water with dryness, shrinkage and frizz but trust me water is the ultimate moisturizer. Unless you have hard water problems (which can be solved by using a water filter), your products are most likely the cause of […]

Real Hair Talk: I Regretted The Big Chop

The Big Chop

The Big Chop has been a popular subject to me since I first became interested in going natural back in 2009. YouTube was just beginning to become a place where women shared hair tutorials and their own experiences with natural hair. To be honest with you, I had no idea what “natural hair” was. It was foreign, […]

How to Blow Dry Kinky Textured Hair Without Damage


To some, blow drying your  hair may seem like something that doesn’t have to be explained, but believe it or not there is value in knowing the proper way to blow dry. The nature of kinky textured in of itself makes it easily prone to breakage when you are doing something as simply detangling your […]