How to Remove Lint from Dreadlocks

Linty dreadlocks totally ruin and destroy the look of locks. To keep lint in your hair to a bare minimum the solution would be to prevent the lint from getting there in the first place.


When washing your hair stray away from white towels and use a scarf at bedtime. If you are suffering from linty dreadies you can always pick them out with a small tooth comb. At times, lint can get deeply lodged in your lock because unlike free flowing hair it is not combed and buildup is not able to fall off as easily.

Shampooing alone is not going to get the lint out! If it’s inside your lock you have to remove it. You may have to reshape your lock after picking but it’s way better than having lint infested dreadlocks. Tired of your linty locks pick away, with care.

Wash your hair really good and use a clarifying shampoo or castile soap to knock off the buildup. Follow up with a conditioner, gently remove visible lint with a small tooth comb, and then style as desired.

Tip: When you pick your loc always pick from the bottom of the loc and work your way up if your goal is to remove it and then restart the loc.

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  1. Sherry Ann Todd says

    I have dreads that are to my waist and I have found that it is impossible to keep any form of lint from getting into your hair, our clothing and furniture contribute to some of the particles of lint that is caught in our hair, the most we can do is try to minimize it by taking it out when we see it begins and even that in itself is time consuming, I don’t have a lot of lint but there is evidence of some,

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