Adding Flare to Short Locs

Short loc hairstyles can be chic and stylish. However, sometimes it can be a challenging to come up with new styles for your locs. Often times, people let themselves feel limited because of their hair length, and they let their creativity become limited by not thinking outside of the box.  Here are some hairstyle ideas for shorter locs:

Hairstyles for Short Locs

Add some color: Try doing something different with your hair, try a golden blonde, fire engine red, burgundy, or auburn. Natural hair opens you up to a world of color choices, without the worry of  brittle hair.

Do a mini Mohawk: Even though your hair is shorter, you still can create a mini Mohawk.  To create a Mohawk style simply use some bobby pins to pin the sides of your hair up, or you can flat twist or cornrow the sides of your hair on the sides.

Put your bangs in a bump–  Creating a bump or pompadour style is relatively easy. Make a section as if you were making it for a section of some bangs, then take your bang area fold it backwards, and secure it with a bobby pin.

Change up the angle of your part– Something as simple as changing the angle of your part will give your hair a new look. If you normally wear your hair without a part, wear a side part. If you wear a side part normally, wear your hair parted down the middle.

Try elegant beads or sea shells– There are bead options that won’t have you looking a little kid or the Williams sisters back in the day. Try using elegantly designed sea shells, crystallized beads, or wooden beads.

Flat twists or cornrows as soon as you’re able to– You may not be able to wear flat twists or cornrows if you only have 1 or 2 inches of hair, but as soon as you get 3 or 4, definitely check this style out. They are simple, easy to do, and really add style to your locs.

Headbands and Headwraps- Adding these basic accessories can add something new to your hair and paired in the right fashion will compliment your outfit. You can choose from headbands that have pearl or rhinestone embellishment, the possibilities are endless.

Accessorize with feather, big hoop, or chandelier earrings– Earrings can really give you a classy look and help bring out your feminine appeal as well as enhance a shorter hairstyle.

Be adventurous, its all about trying out new things. I was a blondie once, you know.


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  1. nappy headed black girl says

    Don't forget curls! Even when my hair was shorter I was able to curl it with sponge rollers

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