Clarifying Locs

Clarifying Locs

After glancing in the mirror, to my surprise the back of my hair had tons of what appeared to be buildup. Usually going to the salon is not my thing because it’s way too expensive especially considering the majority of the time I can do a way better job. However, due to my “buildup issues” I went to get my hair thoroughly washed. When dealing with buildup it’s important to note that buildup takes time to remove. Keeping this in mind I knew I had to make sure I was doing my part as well to solve the problem. After doing research, I took the advice of a fellow YouTuber and tried the Vodka and Shampoo Mix only to discover that my real issue was not buildup it was lint.

 Lint in the Process of Being Picked Out

 Re-twisted Picked Out Locs

The amount of lint removed from my hair was unbelievable. *Even though I did have some buildup the bigger issue at hand was the lint. The Vodka Shampoo recipe actually left my hair feeling relieved and did a great job of removing buildup, however it is alcohol therefore this mix was extremely drying. After using this method it is best to lightly apply some sort of moisture to avoid itchiness and an overly dry scalp or hair* As I have often stated in my YouTube videos lint is not something that you have to just deal with, you have the option to pick it out and that I did.

The back of my hair accumulated massive lint because I was not protecting my hair at night. I am not a fan of feeling hot in the slightest bit when I am sleeping and scarfs tend to do that to me. However, I must learn to deal with it unless I want to continue picking out massive amounts of lint out of my locs. Let this be a lesson, prevent lint by taking simple steps such as avoiding linty objects as much as possible and obviously take the time to cover your hair when you rest.

 My Roots after Using Vodka Shampoo Mix for Clarifying Locs

Watch Removing Build up From Locs HERE

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