How to Remove Dreadlocks

Remove Dreadlocks

Taking down my locs is sort of sad while at the same time exciting. For once I get to see the real texture and length of my hair. To be honest it’s shocking, even though I lost a lot of hair I still have a lot remaining. Many people question whether or not hair will be healthy when you take down your locs. My hair is actually quite healthy and super soft. The only thing that will be needed is a good deep conditioning, a trim, and allowing my hair time to rest.

The pile of hair shown came from taking down just two locs! It’s a little scary seeing those clumps come out but this is going to happen because this is hair that did not get the chance to shed off and remained inside of the loc. To remove dreadlocks only two things are used; large amounts of conditioner and a ratail comb with a metal end (and that’s it!).

I pick from the bottom and simply work my way up! I was considering dishing out $650 at the salon to get them taken out but when I saw the video below it totally gave me a change of heart.

It’s going to take loads of patience and time. I am taking out about 3 to 4 locs per day. I have a total of approximately 91 locs, so this can take a while, but I am willing to wait!

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  1. AriDeonne says

    @ThePBG, Wow so you had way more to deal with than me. Its still taking me forever because I am really busy with work, so I have to do it little by little. I cant wait until all these babies are out, at first I was scared but now I am definitely ready for the change. I have to add you to my blog roll, I tried out your vodka + shampoo mix and I found it to be really helpful.

  2. ThePBG says

    I just took my locs of 5 years down. I had a little over 200. It took me 3 weeks to finish. I lost crazy amounts of hair, but ended up with a full, healthy afro. It's so soft and I'm overjoyed with my hair. I haven't had this much loose natural hair on my head since I was a child, so I'm learning to care for it and style it. I love my loose natural hair!

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