Dreadlock Removal FAQ

Do you have to cut off your dreads for dreadlock removal?

No naturalista, potential loc rocker, or curious observer you do not have to cut off locs to remove them.

How are dreadlocks removed?

Dreadlocks only require two tools to remove them; moisture (water and or conditioner) and an object with a pointed end of some sort such as a rat tail comb with a metal end or even a mail opener! The locs are soaked in conditioner to soften them up and they are picked from the bottom of the loc to the top with the use of the end of a comb or another tool that allows access to the loc. When picking locs out they should be moist at all times, otherwise it will make them more difficult to remove, and cause more hair loss.

After removing locs will your hair be unhealthy?

No, in fact if you take the time to use conditioner when removing locs, your hair will actually feel quite soft and you will have plenty of healthy hair remaining.

Do you lose hair when removing them?

Yes, especially if you have had them for a longer period of time, you are going to lose a lot of hair because your hair that would have normally shed will still be inside of your loc. This shouldn’t frighten you because you still will have a ton of hair still intact.

Are there salons that will remove dreadlocks?

Yes, there are salons that will remove locs, but for a pretty (deserved) hefty price; dreadlock removal is time consuming therefore removal is priced by how long your locs are. 

Is there any situation where locs cannot be removed through this method?

If you have had the sides of your locs sheared with clippers to get rid of fuzzies in efforts to make them look neater, picking out, taking out, or taking down your locs may not be the best option for you.

After removing them, then what?

Make sure you give your hair a deep conditioning treatment, get a trim, moisturize, and style with care!

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