How to Use Yogurt as a Hair Conditioner

Recently I mixed some yogurt with my Biolage Matrix Conditioner and it left my hair super soft. The cold weather is really beginning to make my hair dry out, so I decided to put a little extra kick in my deep conditioning routine. If you want to try yogurt as a conditioner there are different homemade yogurt recipes that you can try which include adding other ingredients such as eggs, honey, bananas, and avocados.yogurt hair conditioner

Is yogurt good for your hair?
There are many natural women that question whether or not protein treatments are necessary. In short, if you are not experiencing damage or breakage problems, you are eating healthy, and keeping your use of heat styling to a minimum protein treatments are optional.  You do not have to constantly worry about choosing a product that contains proteins. However, if you are experiencing some sort of damage or breakage, protein treatments can allow you to strengthen your hair. Yogurt contains tons of vitamins and proteins, so if you are looking for a quick protein treatment it can be used. Protein treatments should always be followed up with a conditioner and moisturizer.  Many women complain of dry, stiff, or dry hair after a protein treatment, so make sure you are moisturizing afterward! Read more about protein treatments here.
Final Thoughts

Conditioning your hair on a regular basis is a key component to achieving healthy natural hair. It will leave your hair more manageable, soft, shiny, and it definitely cuts down on the time you have to spend detangling your hair. Personally, I loved using yogurt with my hair conditioner and if I feel my hair getting extra dry again I would use it again.

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