Are shampoos with sulfate bad for your hair?


Sulfates are found in shampoo’s ingredients because they are great at dissolving dirt or buildup, they are inexpensive, and they foam well. However, the big question is, are shampoos with sulfates bad for your hair? Well if used too frequently sulfates can be harmful because they are known to dry out skin and hair. As women of color our hair is prone to dryness and over usage of shampoos that contain sulfate may lead to dryness, irritation, and ultimately breakage.

There is no need to eliminate sulfate shampoos from your hair care routine entirely if you do not want to, especially if the shampoo you are currently using contains sulfates, and you are satisfied with its performance. Just be sure to limit your usage of it; instead of shampooing co- wash or pre- poo your hair so your hair is not left totally stripped of moisture. Sulfates purpose is to remove any buildup you may have so at times it can be quite useful.

However, if you are not satisfied with your current shampoo you always have the option of moving on to a shampoo that does not contain sulfates. Shampoos that do not contain sulfate are milder, may cause less dryness, and are still just as capable of removing buildup.


In excess, the over use of shampoos that contain sulfate is drying to hair. Sulfate shampoos do not have to be eliminated from your routine, but usage should be moderated to avoid dryness.

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