How to Keep Natural Hair Moisturized

The Kinky Girls Have More Fun natural hair event this past weekend was a total success; the Aloft was filled with so many beautiful, positive women. One of the topics that arose that many women of color seek an answer for is “How to keep natural hair moisturized?” While it may seem that you have tried everything with little to no results the solution for you is out there.

Natural Hair Event in New Jersey

To find a remedy that will keep your hair moisturized, you must first start with asking yourself “What type of hair do I have?” and “What products or product ingredients will work best for my type?” You may have a variety of hair types, for example your crown and nape may be 4b hair type, while the majority of your hair is 4a. This is normal, so in order to find natural hair products that will allow you to give your hair the moisturization you seek, research what products are best for these hair types.

Keep in mind where you are receiving this information as well, because “all natural” product companies give misinformation in order to promote their particular product. For example, many sites that sell “organic” or “all natural” products will say that products that contain mineral oil are harmful to your hair and scalp. Which is quite odd considering that mineral oil is FDA approved, and there is no evidence to show that it prevents your scalp from receiving nutrients. Pay attention to your sources of information, after you have researched what is more likely for your hair you can then make a product or ingredient purchase. This prevents you from buying too many products, then going through a costly trial and error to find the perfect product.

So in a nutshell?

  • Find out what hair type or hair types you have
  • Research product ingredients or products that work best for these type(s)
  • Purchase a product or ingredients that are most likely to have a good effect on your hair
  • You are then able to find something that works for you without trying out everything and spending too much

Products that I have found helpful for moisturizing my hair?

  • Shea Moisture Deep Treatment Mask
  • Miss Jessie’s Baby Buttercreme
  • Wonder Curl Get Set Hair Jelly

Ingredients that I love?

  • Coconut Oil
  • Argan Oil
  • Shea Butter
  • Aloe Vera




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  1. Esther says

    Hi. I’m planning on going natural without cutting my hair. My hair is always thick and hydrated. I don’t want to perm anymore because my hair texture require me to perm atleast once a month and I know it is damaging my hair. What ingredients would you suggest I use to keep it nice and moisturized since my hair can get dry in less than a day after greasing/creaming it :sad:

  2. aunta says

    How can Ifind out what type curl pattern or type hair I have. I’ve read articles requesting that natural women need to find out what type curl pattern they have before they buy products to moisturize, style and maintain their natural hair.

  3. blacknaps says

    Hello Maydean,

    You cant change your curl pattern unless you chemically alter it. Some products that I have used have given it a different look and texture but once it wears off its back to a kinkier state.

    First off, spraying water on hair daily is not for everyone, and it may be giving you even drier hair. Ph balance is important for our hair and by saturating the hair with water daily you may be ruining that balance. If you MISTED your hair with a mixture of water and an oil this would probably be better, but saturating your hair may not be great for your hair texture. I know for me this would definitely leave my hair dry and kinked up.

    Moisturize your hair daily with something that will enhance its curl like Aloe. If you have dry hair like me which it sounds like you do try Shea Moisture’s Deep Treatment masque and apply this 1x time a day.

    I hope this answered your question love, feel free to ask more!

  4. maydean says

    hello, i have been natural for about 2 yrs. What can i do to get my hair to stop being so tightly curly, i wash it and it curls up like it;s 1 inch when its 4 and 1 half inch. i start wondering why my hair wasn’t growing but i remembered that i did cut my hair, in march of last year to about 1 inch, and then in February of this yr and i was back to about 3 inches. but that when i was not really paying attention to my hair it grows, now that i do pay attention to my hair, it seems like it is taking so long for it to grow i’m at about 4 and a half length so my hair have not been growing like they say 1 forth to 1 half inch each month what am i doing wrong. im not a product junkie because i can’t afford to by all those things. i wash 1time a week and co wash 2 a week, because im at home all the time i only wear my hair out when i am going some where nice ie church or dinner with my husband, but when im at home i mainly put it into cornrows and i saturate my hair with water daily and oil 2 times weekly. can you tell me what im doing wrong

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