Short Natural Hairstyles

short natural hair style

Comb Coils

So, your in a style rut, and your wondering what you can do with your hair. Just because you don’t have a lot of length doesn’t mean that you have to limit your style choices. There are tons of short natural hairstyles that you can choose from.

Comb coils or finger coils are relatively easy to do, they are low maintenace, and they look great. To do this style simply purchase a good styling gel, I recommend Desert Lily Aloe Vera Gel or Wonder Curl Get Set Hair Jelly. On freshly washed hair, apply the styling gel, and twist away.

Lets not forget the power of the bobby pin! Use bobby pins to create a mini frohawk look, pompadours, and twisted updos. The tutorial below shows you just how creative you can get.  The use of parts will enhance your style, if you are using the same old part that you have been using for a while, try a different part (side part or part down the middle)

Roller sets and rod sets help you achieve a neat spiral curl look and they are the perfect solution for ends that won’t work with you. Especially if you are transitioning this is a useful tool for helping your straight ends to blend in. Set your hair by either braiding or twisting your hair, applying a styling creme, and then rolling your hair.

With two strand twists and box braids there are a world of styles that you can create. You can put a set of two strand twist in your hair and with the use of bobby pins to design an elegant style. The tutorial below shows you how you can create  beautiful short natural hair styles with a little pin up magic.

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