Short Natural Hairstyles: Frohawk

Who says you can’t get creative with short natural hair?  There are plenty of short natural hairstyles that will add some spice to your do. Here are  four simple steps for achieving a frohawk natural hair style:

In the video below JerseyStylez does a frohawk tutorial, the written instructions are included afterwards.

Supplies You Will Need:

  • A comb for parting hair
  • A comb for detangling hair
  • Hair setting foam
  • Rods or rollers
  1. First you want to start by putting a vertical part on both sides of your head. Start them from your forehead and go all the way back. To hold your parts in place you can secure your hair with a clip. When doing this, think about the look of  a Mohawk you want the middle portion of your hair to be free starting from the front and going all the way back.
  2. You have three choices. You can either two strand flat twist your sides, cornrow them, or single flat twist them. Either one makes for a great style.
  3. For the middle portion of your hair do a rod set. Use a setting foam on your hair and make sure your hair is thoroughly detangled as you place each section of your hair into a roller.
  4. Let it dry overnight and cover your hair with a satin bonnet or under a sit under dryer until it is completely dry. Remove your rollers and you are good to go!
For those who are not good at braiding, you can simply do a rod set on your hair and then pin the sides up with bobby pins to achieve the Mohawk look.

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