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If your hair is dry, damaged or you just want to try some new products, there are several natural moisturizing products that will do the job. Whether your hair is natural or relaxed it will enjoy the benefits of natural ingredients, such as avocado, jojoba, coconut oil and others. Several natural hair care lines, such as Karen’s Body Beautiful, Bee Mine, Oyin, Carol’s Daughter and Shea Moisture all offer great natural products designed to keep your hair moisturized.

Bee Mine Luscious Balanced Cream Moisturizer is a light cream designed to moisturize, prevent breakage and strengthen hair. It is full of natural ingredients such as avocado, mango, jojoba seed oil and shea butter. This product will give you soft hair and with a beautiful fragrance. This hair care line has an array of products for all types of hair that work well.

Tui Leave-In conditioner by Carol’s Daughter is a great product for moisturizing and detangling hair. The natural ingredients of lavender, calendula, chamomile, rose, Marigold and larkspur flowers create an amazing scent. A product that can moisturize and detangle is definitely one worth trying. This hair care line is full of other moisturizing products to include the Black Vanilla Leave-In conditioner, which smells great.

If you have walked down the hair care aisle of your local Target you may have come across Shea Moisture products. If so then you may already know about their Organic Raw Shea Butter Restorative Conditioner that’s designed to moisturize and repair dry, damaged hair. The product’s main ingredients are shea butter, argan oil, coconut oil and vegetable glycerin, which are great for reviving dry hair. The product can be used as a leave-in or rinse out conditioner, as well. Shea Moisture is full of other great products for you’re hair needs.

Hair dew by Oyin handmade is another great moisturizing leave-in conditioner that’s designed to help refresh you’re hair. It’s lightweight which makes is great for daily use if you’re hair is really dry. The main ingredients are castor, olive oil and organic aloe vera gel. Oyin handmade has other great hair product as well as body products that are sure to please. Hair dew might be the perfect solution for you’re dry hair woes.

Butter Love by Karen’s Body Beautiful (KBB) is “made only from rich, thick butters and luxurious oils.” It’s designed to condition and soften dry stressed hair. It’s especially good for thick hair. The natural ingredients include shea butter, cocoa butter, mango butter, jojoba butter, aloe butter and other oils. KBB hair care line has other great hair care products.

These natural products are sure to please and will help to simplify you’re hair care regimen. So keep you’re hair hydrated during these drying winter months ahead and let us know you’re thoughts.

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    Thanks for this posting and review concerning “castor oil”. I have purchased the JBCO. I really didn’t notice the smell o was too busy focused on the thickness. Anyway after applying the JBCO i found this made my hair very straight. I will take your advice the next time with applying it and then rinsing it. Thanks again for sharing.

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