4 Ways to Repair Hair Breakage

Don’t freak out over hair breakage it happens to the best of us. To correct damage here are four easy steps that you can take to restore your hair’s health.

black hair breakage

Avoid rubberbands or clips that will easily tangle your hair. Rubberbands are especially good for putting stress on your hair and ripping it out. After your hair has experienced breakage, rubberbands are the last thing that you want to use.


natural hair split ends

Stop over manipulating your hair. Give your hair a resting period with a protective natural hair style. You can wear twists, box braids, cornrows, buns, or pretty much anything that protects the ends of your hair. If you don’t mind wearing weaves, cornrow your hair, moisturize it every day and wear a quick weave for a couple of weeks. They are great for easy styling, can be purchased in kinky-curly textures; giving your hair a well deserved break.

natural hair breakage

Make sure that the styles that you are wearing do not put too much tension on your hair. If you are constantly slicking your hair back into a tight ponytail with loads of hair gel or your edges are getting braided way too tightly,  you may find that your edges will thin out a bit. To eliminate this issue, wear hairstyles that are not as stressful to the hair.


Natural Hair Heat Damage

Take a break from the heat. When you are experiencing hair breakage heat will only add to the damage you are experiencing. If you must use a blow dryer limit it to a maximum of every 2 weeks. To stretch out your hair, you always have the alternative of air drying and then brushing out with a denman brush, twisting or braiding then taking out the next day, or banding.

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  1. christian says

    I would like to know what’s going on with my hair. I’ve been going natural for about a year and a half now. And I’ve had a lot of hair but now it has started falling out like late August and I’ve done nothing to my hair, I never used heat or anything. The back of my head is breaking off really bad, like almost a bald spot in the back. And also the texture of my hair has changed as well, like its more soft now ever since I washed it last night, but its still broken off in the back. I most likely think that why its broken off because I kept falling asleep with this headband on but there’s gotta be more to that also the texture of my hair has changed to soft. Is there a way to have my damaged hair grow back in about 2 weeks? Please I need help.

    • says

      Hey there, I don’t really know if you have changed shampoos or anything recently. But I know that if I use a shampoo with sulfates in it my hair falls out in unhealthy chunks. I have major hair lose if I use shampoo’s like that. I know you said you have been going all natural, so maybe that’s not the reason. Could be the problem. My advice is to ask your doctor. It could be an indication that something worse inside your body is taking place and the hair falling out is just a side affect.

  2. robin riley says

    hello I would like to know how to treat my hair first I hope I’m doing the right things with it, I oil it and I’m washing it but its sill thin in the middle. I use to wear sew In a lot please give me information on what to do with my damaged hair thank you r

  3. Desiree says

    I have been natural for 1yr now and my hair has grown, but I am experiencing more and more breakage. I try to keep it moisturized. I wash maybe every other week. My hair feels soft and most of it seems to be ok but in my crown and in the back of my hair I have several spots of breakage which are growing back out, but it seems like the breakage spots are increasing. :'( I use a wide tooth comb to detangle my hair and try to wear styles that require little maintenance. Lately I have been wearing twist outs for several days at a time and after a couple of days, I’ll put it up in order to get more wear out of the style. I am starting to get discouraged and I really don’t know what to do. I’m thinking I will trim my ends and then put some braids in. Please help!!!!

  4. Emily Manns says

    she get relaxers but when the hair gets shampooed so much hair comes out what are we doing wrong???????

  5. says

    Great article, I really like your second tip. So many women spend so much time fussing over their hair trying to make it absolutely perfect when all that fussing is actually just damaging their hair.

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