5 Products that Saved My Skin, Acne No More

Unless, you have had Acne most people do not understand how bad it feels. You try to hide it by swooping your hair over your face or piling on the makeup but it just does not work. Then to top it off people believe it is your fault that you suffer from Acne. The most common assumptions are that you have a bad diet or you are not washing your face enough.
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While a good diet will improve your Acne if you have a bad case of it or at least for some of us it does not eliminate the problem. You still have to suffer from the unpredictable pimple popping up when you are off to an interview or on vacation. The exact time that you are hoping you will not have a breakout is usually when it likely to happen. Oh and the whole don’t wash your face enough assumption is just insulting!
Acne does major damage to self-confidence. It may sound trivial to some, but when my breakouts were bad I didn’t want to go anywhere. I didn’t want to see anyone or do anything because I simply felt an overwhelming sense of embarrassment. Over the years I have tried different solutions, some of them worked temporarily and some did absolutely nothing. Even though I was frustrated with the lack of success with finding a long term solution to my Acne I have finally found a regimen that is keeping my skin clear.
I have a YouTube video in which I talk about my experience with Solodyn, however I decided to ditch the meds. I didn’t want to be stuck taking medicine for the rest of my life over Acne so I was determined to find a way to fight it without the use of a pill. Especially since my Acne is moderate and I do not suffer from a severe case of Acne I was determined to find a way. I found that I do still have to stick to dermatologist prescribed topical medication, but I am proud to say my regimen does not include the use of a pill.
Walgreens 3 Step Acne System (Knock off Proactiv System)
Atralin (Doctor Prescribed Topical Medication)
Petite Marie’s Black Mineral Purifying Acne Mask
Aveeno Lotion (When Skin is Really Dry)

Morning: Wash face with Walgreen’s Benzoyl Peroxide Wash
Tone skin with Walgreen’s Toner
Apply Walgreens Benzoyl Peroxide Lotion
If  my skin is dry a dollop of Aveeno
Neutrogena Skin Clearing Oil Free Makeup
Wash and Tone with Walgreens Products
Apply Atralin for bedtime
2 x a week treat myself to Petite Marie’s Black Mineral Purifying Acne Mask

And that’s my Routine! Goodbye Acne pills and hello clear skin  : ) Finding a routine takes some time for some people but a solution is out there. For me it took 11 years, from age 13 to the age of 24.
The Author's Clear Acne Free Skin

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