3 Ways to Rock Your Blonde Afro & Color Treated Hair Tips

#1 Luscious Golden Curls
Natural hair blogger SouthernGryl

SouthernGryl is rocking her curly TWA with pride and her new blonde look is smoking hot. For many of us, we get so attached to length that we often forget how beautiful short natural hair styles can be. Still getting use to your new short do? Spice it up with a little color. Adding something different to your style gives you that special umph you need without even adding one hair accessory. Dress your look up with a bulkier pair of earrings for excitingly feminine style, have your dress game on point and toast to your beautiful hair.

Miss Jessie’s Baby Buttercreme is my favorite product from the Miss Jessie’s product line, and it gave me the best twist outs.

#2 Wave-o-licious Golden Tones

Image of Music Artist Syesha
Syesha looks absolutely stunning in her wavy short do with an incredible golden tone. The style that Syesha is rocking looks elegant perfect for a dressier occasion or a causal outing. Red combined with gold make an impeccable pair. Her fire engine red lips and her red chic blouse complement everything from her golden mane to her skin. Hoop earrings with beautiful dangly action going on work well to complete her style giving her a sexy girly appeal.

Watch this Songstress Rock out to Beyonce’s Love On Top

Looking to achieve a way look like Syesha’s? Try WonderCurl Get Set Hair Jelly, it made my 4b coils wave up like magic.

#3 Blown Out, Swept, and Blonde

Image of Underground Music Artist Tanisha Renee Brown

Tanisha Renee Brown, blows out and stretches her golden fro, and pushes it aside for a soft incredible look. This style is easy to achieve, with little effort on your part but it still makes for an awesome style. Simply stretch out your hair with a braid out or blow dry and with the use of a cotton stretchy headband  or even a few bobby pins, push your mane to the side. The extended eyeliner she is rocking is one of my favorite makeup looks, which is accomplished by taking the eyeliner and extending it more outward in an upward fashion.

A Live Performance by Tanisha at NYC’s Village Underground

Need a little help stretching out those kinks? Shea Moisture Deep Treatment Masque helps to extend my hair while giving my thirsty roots that moisture it craves.

Quick Tips for Color Treated Hair

  1. Minimize your sulfate shampoo time and up your co-washing 
  2. Never, ever wash your hair before you do a dye job
  3. When you touch up your color, your application should be focused on your roots and then work your way down to your ends
  4. Keep your hair moisturized by using a water based product, a creamier product, and then seal in the moisture with an oil 

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