Color-Treated Natural Hair Care

Once hair is permanently dyed the protein structure becomes weakened making it imperative that you balance the usage of protein and moisturizing products to prevent hair breakage. Left not cared for colored-treated natural hair becomes extremely dry and brittle but by taking these precautions you can keep your hair healthy and maximize its growth potential.

Caring for Color-Treated Natural Hair

1. Be Selective in the Products that You Use

Some products like sulfate shampoos are not safe for usage on color-treated hair because they strip the hair of too much moisture and your color-treated hair is already thirsty. Stay away from sulfate shampoos and when purchasing shampoos or conditioners make sure that they state they are safe for usage on color-treated hair.

2. Increase Your Deep Conditioning

After you have dyed your hair you are going to want to deep condition at least once a week. Make sure you are deep conditioning with a quality conditioner that is meant for deep conditioning otherwise you are not going to get optimal results. Bargain conditioners like Suave are great for a quick rinse out conditioner or even for usage as a leave-in however, they are not effective deep conditioners. Brands like Giovanni or BioInfusion are great starting points. Try to use them with a sit under dryer, if you cannot do this, then leave on the conditioner  for 35 to 40 minutes.

3. No Hot Water

Not only will hot water fade out your color, it will dry out your hair. For shampooing and conditioning use cool to luke warm water. If you haven’t tried this already you are going to see a big difference in the way your hair feels afterward and how much more moisture you are able to retain.

4. Protein Treatments

Protein treatments help to re-pair the protein that you have lost during you color treating process. Just remember to avoid protein overload because this will result in dry breaking hair as well. Try using a reconstructor after the second week that you have colored your hair and wait a couple a months before you reapply this treatment. Once you have applied protein treatments they stay on the hair for a few weeks so there is no need to overload your with this product.


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  1. marleen says

    I am a woman over 50 living in South-America. I went to my hair dresser(2nd time going there) for a color treatment as I am turning gray. I was very surprised how little hair dressers know about natural hair. the lady kept telling me that because I have natural hair absolutely nothing will happen to my natural tresses. She tried to assure me that the best product to use is one with ammonia. I have done extensive research on You-tube regarding naturals, so I know better, but nothing that I said would make her understand,how fragile our hair is and we have to really treat it with kid’s gloves. She in turn stated that black people have the strongest hair on earth. I eventually had a permanent black dye, with ammonia. Which, I now regret having. In my country, people are still big on weave and wigs, and the natural hair still does not appeal to the black women at all. The result of this is that many products that you naturals recommend for natural hair, I can not obtain in the stores here. Purchasing on line is not always within my budget. I, however need a reconstructive treatment as your blog states. Can you recommend one. We don,t have Giovanni products here nor Bio-infusion, to use as a deep conditioner. I feel so lost at times. can you assist. Thanks.

    • Mary M says

      Naptural85 on YouTube gives a lot of good advice for hair treatments that have ingredients you can buy in grocery. It works very well for me as my hair is super dry and now colored. Below is what I would do and recommend and works best for me. Although I hate hair typing, I have a 3c-4b dry-prone fluffy hair.

      What works for me is 1 or 2 eggs (important), couple heaping scoops of mayo, same olive oil and Tbsp honey. Put it in your hair as a deep conditioner/pre poo. Let sit for 1 hour or overnight (not too long since it’s raw ingredients). Then co wash (any cheapie will do) and do an apple cider vinegar rinse (aloe Vera juice optional but great) to seal cuticles 1 part acv and 4 parts water.. Use LOC method- a leave-in conditioner, followed by an oil/moisturizer (I use Shea moisture curling cream but olive oil or any favorite oil will work), and a cream (shea butter or I use oyin pomade for my twist outs). Style. Stretched hair is best for 3b hair and up to minimize tangles and knots.

      Good luck.

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