3 Reasons for Wearing Free Formed Dreadlocks

free formed dreadlocks

1. No more dealing with buildup – With dreadlocks that are formed through twisting with gels or creams there is always the concern of product buildup. With free formed locks since you do not have to put anything on your roots, all of these concerns are eliminated.

2. Even easier maintenance- While you still will have the basic routine of cleansing your hair, conditioning it, and moisturizing it your routine will be even easier since you will be leaving out the twisting of your roots. Wash your hair and go without worrying about anything else.

3. The variation of the loc sizes looks pretty cool- The different shapes and sizes that your locs take on form a unique look. With free formed locs you have a beautiful earthy style, without working too hard to do it.

Although your locs may be thicker using the free formed method, this does not have to limit the creativity of your hair styling. You hair can be curled naturally by using bantu knots or braiding your hair up to create a curly or wavy look. From elegant updos to long curly flowing hairstyles free formed locs look amazing.

You can choose to either start your locs off by free forming or you can choose to semi-free form. Semi- free forming is when you start your locs off by using the twisting method or an interlocking method and then you simply stop using these methods to tighten your roots. This way you have control over the sizeof your locs while also getting the benefit of a free formed look.

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    • DEzzi Eros says

      Step 1. Comb out your twists.
      Step 2. Throw your combs in the thrash.
      Step 3. Wash and go!
      Email me grahamzz88@Gmail. Com if you get stuck.

  1. Zee says

    Greetings everyone,
    I’ve had my locks for over 7 years and maintain them by twisting them. I have very thick hair and I’m very careful not to twist too tight. I don’t have thinning or breakage. I’m seriously thinking about transitioning to semi free form locks because I’m not crazy about the flat and lack of body my hair look when they hang down. I also have some buildup on the small locks on the edgesno matter how much vinegar and baking soda rinses, clarifying shampoos or whatever. I think because the lock is tightly packed nothing gets the buildup out. Any suggestions oe anyonehere ever transition from twisted locks to semi free form locks?

  2. says

    Love it. May I also add #4: Less stress on your hair. Freeformers generally do very little upkeep and manipulation. Less twisting/pulling/styling = less firction and less chance of breakage and damage.

    Are you by chance thinking of freeforming? 😀

    • says

      I actually had locs before and I let my hair semi free form because of the very thing you said a fear of breakage. I never really experienced it, but it look like one could just snap off if I didn’t chill out with twisting my roots.

      Am I thinking about locing my hair, well sometimes yeah I really want to it was the easiest style I’ve ever had. If I did it again I would probably start by hair off with comb coils and then free form.

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