Why Finger Coils Make a Great Short Natural Hairstyle

finger coils

Although you may still be in your twa stages, you want to make sure you are implementing protective styling. Not only are finger coils one of the most beautiful short natural hairstyles, they are one of the easiest styles to do and maintain. All you need is a good gel and you are good to go.

This style is commonly associated with people who are starting locs, but don’t worry they will not loc up on you unless you leave them in for months on end without combing. Locking is a process that requires time, so you don’t have to worry about your hair locking up if you do not want it to.

While your hair is going through its short phase it may be at a length where your hair is too short to grip, which will give you trouble if you try to attempt styles like cornrows or flat twists. Regardless of your ability to get a grip on things, your coily hair may easily get tangled when left unprotected and this can lead to hair breakage.

In addition to protecting our ends, protective styles enable us to retain more moisture. Ask any woman of color and the main issue that we typically face is dryness. Since our hair isn’t as exposed to the environment with a protective style we are able to savor more moisture leaving us with more balanced hair.

To do finger coils or comb coils start by doing a section in the back of your hair. After sectioning off where you would like to start apply a gel like ECO Styler Olive Oil Gel or Fantasia IC Hair Polishing Gel to your hair, and twist your hair around your fingers starting from the root working your way down to the ends.

When it comes to ECO Styler or IC Polishing Gel  they work great, supplying  you with a nice hold for your sculpted styles and twists. IC Polishing Gel is moisturizing on its own, but with ECO Styler apply a leave in conditioner to your hair before applying to avoid crunchy hair.

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