Avocado Hair Mask Recipe

Avocados are still in season which means you can go to the grocery store and get them for as cheap as a dollar and some change. In addition to being a scrumptious treat, avocados have excellent moisturizing properties for your hair and skin. I found this quick and easy method for making a homemade avocado hair mask on Noobcook.com and I thought I would share : ).

All you need is one ripe avocado ( you will know when it is ripe because it will be soft to the touch and easy to peel) and Olive Oil. This is the perfect remedy for those of you who use the Curly Girl Method, which requires no contact with harsh stripping ingredients that many products contain. Simply whisk these two ingredients together, apply to the hair from roots to the ends, wear a plastic cap for about 20 minutes, and use lukewarm or cool water to rinse.

Whats even cooler about this recipe is, if you have some extra left over you can use it ( make sure you are using this within the same day as this is a perishable) to make a scrumptious pasta dish. Whip up some noodles, add some garlic to your avocado mixture, and you have a healthy vegan meal. If you love avocados, then Avocado Pasta should be a delightful treat.

or you can try a delicious Avocado shake! Just add one ripe avocado, milk, and  agave (instead of sugar to cut the calories) in a blender and you have yet another exotic healthy snack to enjoy.


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