Video Tutorial for Havana Twists

havana twists

Havana Twists are a beautiful style that you can do on your own, and with YouTubers like KinkyKnots as your guide achieving this style makes things a little easier. Although Havana twists are much thicker than the traditional box braids or Senegalese twists that we usually see, it still requires some patience. The end result is beautiful twists that look natural and unique to the majority of braided hairstyles that are currently trending.

KinkyKnots tutorial is easy to follow and gives you a good close up look as to how you do a Havanna Twist.

I have purchased the Havana twist hair from and so far I am in love with the hair. It doesn’t seem to be messy and tangly like the average braiding hair which makes it seem like it will be easy to work with. As soon as I get my Havana Twists, I will be posting my pics. I can’t wait to share them with you all.

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    I absolutely love this website and the Havana twist. The video is very informative and well done. I will share this website with others.

  2. Tasha says

    Currently I am transitioning from relaxer to natural this will be my 3rd time doing so. Hopefully the third time will be a charm. My question is what would be a good grow out style besides doing a big chop? I really like the Havana Twists. And also my hair has a lot of dandruff even after I wash and condition it. Any suggestions on this also. Thanks in advance. And I really enjoy this website.

    • says

      Hello Tasha,

      While you are transitioning you have tons of style options, you can wear twists, up-do’s, braid extensions, rod sets, or twist outs. I would suggest wearing styles that are low manipulation or protective during your transitioning phase. Once your hair has reached a length that you are comfortable with you can then chop off the remaining relaxer. Have you tried medicated shampoos for your dandruff issue yet?

  3. Samarian says

    Hey! Is it easy to moisturize your hair with the havana twist?? My ends split very easily and i would hate for my hair to be dried out.

    • says

      Hey Samarian,

      I just put my hair in Havana twists this week. My suggestion is to moisturize your hair very well before you put your in the twists, putting a lot of focus on the ends. While your hair is in twists you are still able to wash and moisturize your hair. The neat thing about Havana twists is that even when they start to look old they still look pretty amazing because they look so natural. So even if your hair gets looser from the washing and moisturizing it still will look pretty awesome. On Fingercomber’s facebook page at if you scroll down there is a good example of what the twists look like when they are older.

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