Review of Curlformers on Natural Hair 4B & 4C

Curlformers are a great way to give your hair some nice stretch without using heat at all or minimum heat by use of a hooded dryer. The application of curlformers appears to be challenging but once you get the swing of things using them is pretty easy.

Before you purchase you should consider the length of your hair. Curlformers can be used on all hair lengths even shorter natural hairstyles, however, they do have different sizes that you can choose from. They have rollers for shorter hair and longer hair.

Curlformers on natural hair

If you have medium length to long hair hair you are going to want to go with the rollers for longer hair because if you wind up buying the short ones you may have some of your ends sticking out.

For those who find themselves in this situation, you can simply two strand twist the ends of your hair that remain out to ensure that your hair is curled from root to tip.

They are a bit on the pricer side for rollers, but I have to say the price is well worth it, especially if you are not too great with using flexi rods. Now I will say this, flexi rods are a million times more comfortable to sleep in but in my experience especially since I am no expert at flexi rods, I had an easier time getting my roots to look good using curl formers.

Part of why I think curlformers are a great solution for naturals with type 4 hair, even type 4b and 4c is that it does an amazing job of gripping your roots. I notice on many tutorials on Youtube, most of the women twisted their hair at the root and then applied the curl former, however for me I didn’t find this step necessary my 4b and 4c kinks where stretched out quite well without incorporating this step.

The results look great even on Natural Maven’s Shorter Hair Length

Prior to using curlformers my hair was washed, conditioned, and detangled thoroughly. Detangling prior to the application the curlformers is probably your most crucial step along with applying a good hair setting product to each section.  I used Jane Carter Solution’s Wrap and Roll.

I went over each section first with a wide tooth comb, applied the wrap and roll setting product, then before using a curl former, I used a fine tooth comb for extra detangling.

Again, I do not recommend sleeping on curl formers. They do a great job but the tightness that it puts on your roots and the hardness of the roller makes it difficult to enjoy a good nights sleep. There are naturals that have done reviews on curlformers and sleep on them at night and my reaction is, “I don’t know how they do it!”.

A sit under dryer is a better solution if you have one or putting them in your hair on a day where you know you are going anywhere is a good option. If you can handle sleeping on them, I solute you!

All in all the end results are beautiful giving you a nice low manipulation style that gives your hair some elongation without resorting to heat at all or minimal heat if you choose to a hooded dryer. As someone who has a mixture of a kinky 4b and 4c hair texture, I am really impressed with how it made my roots look nice and smooth as well as the nice stretch that it gave.


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  1. says

    I like the video and very helpful! I was Nayural till I put the cold wave in my hair and had been natural for 10 years. I did not know of these hair care videos till I got and I-pad!!!! The cold wave made it grow some more but I like natural. Even with cold wave I do not comb my hair or mess with it. All I do is put the lotion & cream in everyday!

  2. Nyah says

    You can get identical knock offs from ebay WAY cheaper PLUS the have a mega-wide one if you want to only have looser waves!

  3. says

    I have been transitioning for almost a year and I have been using curlformers since I took my braids out. I absolutely love them! I have perfect curls – it stretches out my new growth beautifully. The first time I used them, it was a challenge….sleeping on them a nightmare. But, now I use them almost weekly after washing my hair and sometimes during the week around the edges or in my bangs. Curlfurmers are a godsend for me and very much worth the money. I’ve gotten really good at using them and it does not take a lot of time for me anymore with them. If you haven’t tried them…you should….it is so worth it.

  4. Chantelle says

    Ive have had these in the past and just found them awkward, they took ages to dry, were uncomfy to sleep on and just were nothing special for my 3b/3c hair!

    Mixed Beauty

  5. says

    Thanks for posting this video. I never realized you actually have to pull your hair through. These look like a pain to use and time consuming.

    Did you have any problems pulling your hair through? It seems like it might catch or snag.

    • says

      At first yes it was hard to use. However now that I got the hang of it, it really is pretty easy. You just have to make sure the strand that you are gripping is not too thick for the hook to hold on to, if it is too thick it will snag. The section of hair must be completely hooked, not partially or half way this causes the snags, then pulled through the curlformer.

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