Curlformers on My 4b & 4c Hair

This weekend I decided to create a curly textured style using Curlformers. I’ve used them a couple of times before and I can say that they are challenging to use at first. However, now that I have mastered putting them in, it only took me 20 minutes to install them. ┬áMy hair was freshly washed and conditioned. Afterward I used a leave in conditioner to detangle my hair using my fingers and a wide tooth comb. To set my hair I used Jane Carter Solutions Wrap and Roll.


My hair has a habit of staying wet so I sat under my hooded dryer to make sure when I woke up the next morning my hair would be dry. I could have just sat under for a longer time to dry them completely but I was so tired sleeping on them didn’t pose a challenge as it normally would. These rollers are pretty firm and they grip your roots so I will say yet again sleeping on them is no treat, but when you are as tired as I was last night almost nothing matters to you.


As you can see I definitely still have some texture going on here, but this is fine for me as I just wanted some stretch and curl, it didn’t have to necessarily be sleek for me. If you notice the front part of my hair definitely has more definition this is the 4b portion of my hair, the middle part of my hair, which is my 4c section isn’t as curly, and usually for me to get the same look in the front it requires that I apply more tension to this area.


In my previous post, you can see a video of how you apply them, I just wanted to share this post so you have an idea of what it could it POTENTIALLY look like on a kinkier hair texture.

curlformers on natural hair

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