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New here? Well you have arrived at the perfect starting point! On this page you will find informational resources perfect for newbie naturals. Start your journey off right and equip yourself with knowledge. Reclaim your crown! Afterall, what is a queen without her crown?


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Books Worth Reading

 Grow it Kinky: How to Grow Long Kinky Natural Hair eBook $4.99
IGrow it Kinky Book by Ariane am sure many of you made the transition from relaxed to natural hair thinking that you were going to be rewarded with gorgeous curls only to find yourself with dry breaking hair. It sucks, but the truth is kinky textures are easily prone to damage without the right hair regimen in place. This eBook specifically addresses the needs of you the kinky-coily textured natural. An easy straightforward step by step guide perfect for newbies or those who have been struggle with growth for some time. Purchase here.



The Science of Black Hair $22.46

I love  The Science of Black Hair because the information is scientifically based but the book is written in an easy to follow and easy to understand format. The author of this book, Audrey Davis-Sivasothy is not someone who simply is offering mere opinion, but she has professional education in Health Science and has thoroughly researched the structure of black hair.

The information that she provides is applicable to all women of color who relax their hair or choose to wear it natural. There are detailed sections that provide advice and tips for those who need help deciding which products to use, how to care for color-treated hair, natural hair tips, moisture retention, and much more. Purchase it here.


If You Love it, it Will Grow $10.91

If you love it it will grow bookIf  You Love it, It Will Grow is another amazing read that feels almost as if you if your are chatting and getting advice from a good friend. Dr. Phoenyx’s book teaches us one of the most important lessons, we have to love and accept our hair for what it is otherwise we will not get very far.

Once we understand how our hair thrives best, we can grow our hair by giving it great care instead of doing things that work against its health. When you love something you want to protect it and you only want to give it the utmost care.

Therefore if you love your hair you put what it needs to be healthy first and you set aside the over use of heat, chemicals, and manipulation.

After reading If You Love it, It Will Grow I was left with a good understanding of what it takes to grow long hair. It’s not as simple as giving your hair good treatment here and there, it is about maintaining good hair practices for the long term. Purchase it here.


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On my channel, I knew I absolutely had to cover the topic of hair moisture. Everyone, especially beginners, is dying to know the secret to keeping natural  hair moisturized. Here is one of my channel’s most popular videos.

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The Max Hydration Method

Max Hydration Method

Thought wash n go’s don’t work on nappy hair? Well that’s not totally true the photo above is me using the max hydration method.


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