Natural Diva Spotlight: Kay of Nappy Headed Black Girl

Nappy Headed Black Girl

    It is a pleasure to feature Kay of in this Natural Diva Spotlight. What made you want to start your locs? I woke up one day and knew I wanted them. That was on a Monday. By Friday, I had started with two-strand twists. It was just that simple. I had already […]

4 Tips for Dreadlock Care

African American Dreadlock Care

    Although dreadies are for the most part a getup and go low maintenance style, this doesn’t mean that they do not require any care. Here are some simple tips that will keep your dreadlocks healthy and beautiful. Still Protect Your Hair at Night When you no longer have free flowing tresses, cotton from your bedding […]

How to Retwist Your Own Locs

retwist locs

  Are you tired of paying $55 and up to get your hair rewtwisted every 2-4 weeks? I know I was! If you are getting your locs started, I would suggest getting it professionally done and maintained until your hair locks. Now entering my 2 year loc journey, my hair has grown significantly and can […]

Dreadlock 101: The Basics

Free Formed Dreadlocks

    Dreadlocks are a beautiful style that truly requires low maintenance. Starting them is fairly easy, as well as growing them, and developing a healthy hair care routine. Locs come in a variety of styles; select one that fits your individual needs. The various styles of locs range from offering you tons of versatility […]

Natural Diva Spotlight: Ima


What was your relaxer experience like? I had relaxer for only 8 months but was natural my whole life. Relaxer for me was a bit traumatizing, I felt very lost and non beautiful. My hair looked lifeless, dull, and was constantly shedding like a dog. Even nature seemed to be against it by constantly attempting […]

Dr. Bronner’s Castile Soap: Natural Shampoo Product

Dr Bronners Castile Soap

While sulfates are great at cleansing the scalp of dirt and buildup they can also cause irritation and dryness. Dr. Bronner’s Castile Soap is a great all natural shampoo that leaves your scalp with a tingly and refreshing feeling. There is no reason to think that this shampoo is less effective than any other shampoo because […]

Synethia’s Natural Diva Spotlight

curly dreadlock style

     I am really feeling this style and the earrings are cute, I should have done a style like this with my locs when I had them! Tell me a little about the history of your hair? My mother permed my hair at age 9. Then I wore Jerri Curls after my perm failed. […]

Clarifying Locs

Clarifying Locs

After glancing in the mirror, to my surprise the back of my hair had tons of what appeared to be buildup. Usually going to the salon is not my thing because it’s way too expensive especially considering the majority of the time I can do a way better job. However, due to my “buildup issues” […]

Avoiding Build up in Locs


 Little White Patches of Build up on My Locs Build up in locs  is the absolutely the worst! In some cases if you really do not take care of them your loc will turn gray. What is really gross is that you can actually get mildew in your locs, causing a horrible order and bacteria […]

Are You Using Sulfates?


When you have locs and your are not using the right products or too much product you will definitely see the repercussions. One mistake that I have made was using sulfate shampoos. Even though the shampoos or products overall that locked women and natural women with free flowing hair use are different sulfates are not […]

Defining Those Curls!

Moisture and a good technique are key to achieving a head full of dazzling curls! Instead of brushing your curls finger comb them instead unless you are looking to sport a fro. A good conditioner is great for adding sheen to those curls. When I condition my locs I love using apple cider vinegar, it […]