Natural Diva Spotlight: Kay of Nappy Headed Black Girl

Nappy Headed Black Girl

    It is a pleasure to feature Kay of in this Natural Diva Spotlight. What made you want to start your locs? I woke up one day and knew I wanted them. That was on a Monday. By Friday, I had started with two-strand twists. It was just that simple. I had already […]

4 Tips for Dreadlock Care

African American Dreadlock Care

    Although dreadies are for the most part a getup and go low¬†maintenance¬†style, this doesn’t mean that they do not require any care. Here are some simple tips that will keep your dreadlocks healthy and beautiful. Still Protect Your Hair at Night When you no longer have free flowing tresses, cotton from your bedding […]

How to Retwist Your Own Locs

retwist locs

  Are you tired of paying $55 and up to get your hair rewtwisted every 2-4 weeks? I know I was! If you are getting your locs started, I would suggest getting it professionally done and maintained until your hair locks. Now entering my 2 year loc journey, my hair has grown significantly and can […]

Dreadlock 101: The Basics

Free Formed Dreadlocks

    Dreadlocks are a beautiful style that truly requires low maintenance. Starting them is fairly easy, as well as growing them, and developing a healthy hair care routine. Locs come in a variety of styles; select one that fits your individual needs. The various styles of locs range from offering you tons of versatility […]

Natural Diva Spotlight: Ima


What was your relaxer experience like? I had relaxer for only 8 months but was natural my whole life. Relaxer for me was a bit traumatizing, I felt very lost and non beautiful. My hair looked lifeless, dull, and was constantly shedding like a dog. Even nature seemed to be against it by constantly attempting […]