Natural Diva Spotlight: Kay of Nappy Headed Black Girl

Nappy Headed Black Girl

    It is a pleasure to feature Kay of in this Natural Diva Spotlight. What made you want to start your locs? I woke up one day and knew I wanted them. That was on a Monday. By Friday, I had started with two-strand twists. It was just that simple. I had already […]

Nap Photo of the Week: Carol

Blonde Curly Dreadlocks

    My name is  Carol, I am originally from Brooklyn, New York and I currently live in Melbourne, Australia. My hair style is a Brooklyn Locs hairstyle done by me.  The method I use is the coiling method from root to tip. The product I use is a non-alcoholic based gel. No wax. I styled my […]

3 Ways to Curl Dreadlocks

Rod Set Dreadlocks

    Giving your dreadlocks some curl is the perfect way to give yourself a change and create a style with some bounce. Here are three ways that dreadies can get curl definition. Achieve a spiral pattern with perm rods. Give your locs plenty of moisture, roll, and allow room for setting time. Ideally you […]

Nap Photo of the Week: Latresa’s Dreadlock Mohawk Style

Dreadlock Mowhawk Style

    My name is Latresa Ivy and I live in Savannah, GA.  I am a freelance plus sized model and a writer. I am also currently the administrator for an up and coming blog that I just started and it is about fashion tips and ideas for the plus size woman.   The style that I […]

3 Reasons for Wearing Free Formed Dreadlocks

free formed dreadlocks

1. No more dealing with buildup – With dreadlocks that are formed through twisting with gels or creams there is always the concern of product buildup. With free formed locks since you do not have to put anything on your roots, all of these concerns are eliminated. 2. Even easier maintenance- While you still will have […]

Dreadlock Style: Side Ponytail + Tips

Image of Dreadlock style with Side ponytail

For this dreadlock style my hair is pulled into a side ponytail with the back section of my hair left out, and a curly side bang. To curl my bang I simply did a bantu knot on a moist section of locs, wrapped my hair at night, and then the next day I took the […]

Nap Photo of the Week, Nkissinsi


    Our Nap Photo of the Week,  Nkissinsi shows off a beautiful twisted locked natural hair style. Here is what our feature has to say, “This corkscrew look is one created by my mother, I love my hair this way!”- Nkissinsi Nkissinsi’s two-toned twisted do looks amazing and makes for a great protective hair style. Although she has […]

Dreadlocks That Do Not Require the Big Chop


    Dreadlocks are one of the most low maintenance, care free, and beautiful black natural hairstyles that you can have. You may find yourself afraid to make this change in fear that you have to do a big chop. Luckily, there are two types of locs that do no require you to cut off your […]

Dreadlocks and Locs: What’s the Difference?


Often times you will hear people say I have locs because I refuse to call my hair “dreadful”. It also has been said that dreadlocks has a demeaning connotation which roots are derived from Jamaica. While many people may think dreadlocks originated in Jamaica this is incorrect. Before Jamaicans, many cultures have worn dreadlocks such […]

Dreadlock 101: The Basics

Free Formed Dreadlocks

    Dreadlocks are a beautiful style that truly requires low maintenance. Starting them is fairly easy, as well as growing them, and developing a healthy hair care routine. Locs come in a variety of styles; select one that fits your individual needs. The various styles of locs range from offering you tons of versatility […]

Nap Photo of the Week: Latrenia’s Pipe Cleaner Curls


Locked divas can have beautiful curls too! This look was achieved through the use of pipe cleaners. Read more about this look here. Many people are unaware of the versatility of dreadlocks; this is one of the many styles that you can choose from to spice up your do. Decorate your locs with beautiful adornments […]