Short Natural Hairstyles

Recently did a big chop? Check out our chic short styles.

The TWA Chronicles: @Theycallme_mo

twa natural hair

What’s your TWA story? I started my natural hair journey 2 years ago because I wanted a change. I’ve rocked every hair style from sew-in’s to braids, relaxers to mohawks and was tired of the bi-weekly trips to the salon and the damage I was doing to my hair. One day during a routine hair [...]

The TWA Chronicles: @Toya1825

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  Up next in our TWA Chronicles, we have the pleasure of featuring Curtanya Allen, a beautiful makeup artist and lover of all things natural hair! 1. What’s your TWA story? I decided to go natural one year ago. I had made several attempts before but ended up relaxing. This last time I just knew [...]

The TWA Chronicles: @InPursuitof_B

Brittney Dennis

Short natural hair has been huge this summer season: from big chops to tapered fros, women around the globe are embracing the beauty and ease of shorter tresses. For this reason, we are thrilled to introduce a brand new series this week: The TWA Chronicles. This series will be all about highlighting the flexibility of [...]

Natural Spotlight: Philomina, When You Need TWA Inspiration

naturally philo

My name is Philomina Kane AKA NaturallyPhilo on YouTube. I did the big chop on March 17, 2014 during my first year in college. I’m 5 months natural now and on my YouTube channel  I feature hair tutorials, updates, tips, and a new segment for men called Men & Moisture. My TWA Wash day routine:   [...]

Create the Perfect Afro Puff Even On Hair As Short as 3 inches

Create the perfect afro puff

There will probably not be a time in your natural hair journey that will be more exciting than the first BC (big chop). However, the fear turned excitement turned liberation can quickly turn back into fear when you realize you have no idea what to do with your ‘do. The period following the BC is [...]

Quick Retro Updo on Short Natural Hair Tutorial

Young woman in roller skates

It is now day four of what was once a fabulous coily twist out, full of body and spring but now it is more of a matted, dried out dusty mess. The phone rings and you have been called in to interview for your dream job AND you only have an hour to prepare. What [...]

5 Styles to Try on Short Natural Hair

Styles For Short Natural Hair

With so many women opting for the big chop, short hair styles are in high demand.  Unfortunately, many women with short hair assume that because they are lacking in length, there aren’t many options for hairstyles.  This is a myth.  Below are five hairstyles to try if you are at the short phase of your [...]

Embracing Your TWA: Quick Guide To Caring for Short Tresses

natural is a state of being

Many of us naturals began our natural hair journey with a TWA.  For the newbies, a TWA is a Teeny Weeny Afro; a frustrating phase for some new naturals.  Natural divas may become frustrated with their TWA after running out of style ideas, hitting hair maintenance road blocks, and/or frustrated with trying to determine your curl [...]