Short Natural Hairstyles

Recently did a big chop? Check out our chic short styles.

TWA Chronicles: Rebekah

Rebekah TWAs

What’s your TWA story? Initially when I got my first buzz cut in 2009 I never intended to grow my hair out. I wanted to be like Jada in Set it Off (at the end when she cut her braids). I experimented for a few years. I rocked a short blond buzz cut for awhile then I [...]

TWA Chronicles: Caela “itsohcaetolove”

Caela TWA short natural hair feature

What’s your TWA story? This is my second go around with having a TWA. I did my first big chop in September 2010 because my hair was thin, limp, and wouldn’t grow past my shoulders. I did my second big chop September 2014 because I was being irresponsible and gave myself heat damage. How do you typically [...]

TWA Chronicles: Maame Hayfron

TWA natural hair styles

What’s your TWA story? I decided to cut my hair because although my hair was really curly, I had a texturizer. There were certain hairstyles I couldn’t do, my edges were not as sleek, and I just felt that there was so much more freedom and versatility with being natural! I cut my hair in [...]

TWA Chronicles: Marcia Lee


What’s your TWA story? I went back to natural about a year ago after a bad relaxer experience with the “creamy crack”. Once I had new growth and there were just a couple relaxed strands left. So in the comfort of my bathroom I took the scissors and just cut it myself. My sister is a stylist [...]

The TWA Chronicles: @Theycallme_mo

twa natural hair

What’s your TWA story? I started my natural hair journey 2 years ago because I wanted a change. I’ve rocked every hair style from sew-in’s to braids, relaxers to mohawks and was tired of the bi-weekly trips to the salon and the damage I was doing to my hair. One day during a routine hair [...]

The TWA Chronicles: @Toya1825

Untitled design (12)

  Up next in our TWA Chronicles, we have the pleasure of featuring Curtanya Allen, a beautiful makeup artist and lover of all things natural hair! 1. What’s your TWA story? I decided to go natural one year ago. I had made several attempts before but ended up relaxing. This last time I just knew [...]

The TWA Chronicles: @InPursuitof_B

Brittney Dennis

Short natural hair has been huge this summer season: from big chops to tapered fros, women around the globe are embracing the beauty and ease of shorter tresses. For this reason, we are thrilled to introduce a brand new series this week: The TWA Chronicles. This series will be all about highlighting the flexibility of [...]

Natural Spotlight: Philomina, When You Need TWA Inspiration

naturally philo

My name is Philomina Kane AKA NaturallyPhilo on YouTube. I did the big chop on March 17, 2014 during my first year in college. I’m 5 months natural now and on my YouTube channel  I feature hair tutorials, updates, tips, and a new segment for men called Men & Moisture. My TWA Wash day routine:   [...]