Short Natural Hairstyles

Recently did a big chop? Check out our chic short styles.

Reader Question: Should I Big Chop Now?

should you do the big chop

Hi my name is Yolanda. I have been transitioning for 10 months.  I am at the point where I want to BC. I think I have a lot of breakage and damage due to Havana twist that tried to lock up. Would it be smart to cut it down to my natural hair to give [...]

Should You Protective Style Short Hair?

Should You Protective Style Short Hair

With so much emphasis placed on the importance of protective styling in natural hair care, those who are freshly big chopped or who are still in the growing out stages may be confused as to whether or not they should protective style. The most confusing question is probably how do you protective style when your [...]

Comb Coils a Chic Short Natural Hairstyle

Comb Coils

Hopefully last weeks blog, The Fabulously Versatile Straw Set, encouraged you to take your new texture out for a test drive and provided inspiration for those who are in between hair lengths. This week we will prove there is more than one way to curl a kink by showing you how to create another equally [...]

The Fabulously Versatile Straw Set


No matter whether she is kinky curly or silky straight, most women have a collective disdain for the period of hair growth that is known as the “awkward stage.” The awkward stage usually occurs within a few months after a haircut and can last as long as a few years, depending on how short the [...]

Nidia, A South African Woman’s Hair Story


My natural hair journey started in April 2013 but that was just my mind set that started to change. For years I never wore my hair curly, my mother would set it in rollers and leave it to dry proceeded by plaiting it for school. When I got older I started to do my hair [...]

TWA Style – Define Your Curls

curl definition short natural hair

Add curl definition to short natural hair using easy techniques demonstrated by three awesome YouTubers. These ladies make TWAs look so fabulous it makes me feel like doing a big chop all over again! Stephanie Rae shows us how to make 4c coils pop : Jes Becuz shares her wash, conditioning, and styling routine. She [...]

Why Having Short Natural Hair is an Advantage

Advantages of Short Natural Hair

Many of you are excited for the day that you will meet your hair length goal, but in the meantime enjoy what you already have. You may not see it this way, but short natural hair comes with its advantages. Shorter hair means less maintenance and easier care. As your hair grows you will see what I [...]

TWA Short Natural Hairstyle Playlist

twa short natural hairstyles

Still in the TWA phase of your journey? NaturalArtMaven has a collection of videos from her TWA days that assists others with style and care information. Sometimes finding a way to get creative with short hair can be challenging. However, the NaturalArtMaven channel delivers some great ideas for giving your hair a nice change from [...]

3 YouTubers with Awesome Short Natural Hairstyle Inspiration


Hiding in the realm of videos there are some naturalistas who provide great short natural hairstyle inspiration on YouTube. At a loss for what to do with your hair? Well here are some video tutorials that could become your saving grace. Kim Loves Beauty Channel Kim has moved on from the short natural hair phase, [...]