Know Your Hair Type

Hair Typing

why use it at all?

Hair typing is definitely not the 100% solution to understanding your hair, but it does provide you with a good starting point. Knowing your hair type will enable you to choose more suitable products and will help provide you with guidance for how you should handle your hair.


What’s Your Hair Type?

find out now!

There are two typesCurly-Hair-Type-Chart of systems that are used to classify our hair, one being being Andre Walker’s Hair Type Classification System and the other is the LOIS system. However, what Black Naps finds to be  the easiest to follow and the most visually descriptive system would be Andre Walker’s hair typing system.

The classification system ranges from straight hair types to curly hair types. Curly hair types include:  3a, 3b, 3c,  4a, 4b, and 4c. The best way to see your true curl pattern is after you have washed your hair and your hair has air dried without product.




Type 4 hair guide

product recommendations + care tips

As you can see curl patterns range from a loose wave  like curl to a tighter curl with little to no definition. For us kinkier ladies you can see that we do not have as much space in between our curls, the pattern is tight with tons of bends in the strand with hardly any curve which makes the hair extremely susceptible to hair breakage, dryness, and damage. 4b and 4c hair types do not retain water as well as 4a hair texture and type 3 hair because the bends in your hair make it harder for your hair to receive the moisture you put into it. However there is hope! Download the free guide for products that are great for type 4 hair and tips that will keep your hair healthy. The products listed are products that I love, use regularly, and played a role in helping my 4c hair grow long. See what I am using! - Ariane (Editor In Chief )

More than one hair type on one head of hair?

it’s highly possible!

It’s quite common for us to have more than one texture in our hair. Your edges may be 4b while the majority of your hair is 4a type. Or you may have 4a hair with some 3c strands for example. Remember no two heads of hair are alike. Hair type systems are good for learning about your hair or what could potentially be best for it, but they are by no means an absolute standard. Use it as guidance and always go by what you know works best for your hair.

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  1. Malika says

    I have been braiding my hair every night before I go to sleep and some days when I am in the shower I rinse my hair with just water only and then braid it . NO HEAT . Let it air dry . And if you ever get a change you need to get a moisturizer , hair oil . I use Sunflower Mega Care Vitamin E Oil and Dark and Lovely Deep Conditioner and works well for my hair

  2. Sherri says

    in 14 and i decided to start going natural long term….but I have no support and no moisturizing product but I still want to go natural any tips.

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