Help, My Natural Hair Will Not Grow!

There are two reasons why you may not be seeing growth. You may have unrealistic expectations for how fast it is suppose to grow and the care that you are providing your hair with may not be so great.

Now, finding the right product that will keep your hair moisturized is important, but people need to realize their care is equally as important if not more so.

People spend so much time searching for that magic product that will make them grow all of this hair over night, that they neglect bad habits that they need to improve on.

Our hair is always growing and we grow on average 1/2 inch of hair a month (6 inches a year). If you are not seeing growth this means that you are either being impatient or you are not retaining the hair that you have grown.

If you find that you are not retaining your hair or it is breaking off as you are growing it, this means that you have to change how you care for your hair.

Kinky coily ladies, especially you because the tighter your curl is the more prone it is to breakage. Protective styling, detangling, and combing your hair properly or finger combing will help you to see a major difference in the health of your hair.

Heat is another enemy so when you find yourself constantly clinging to that blow dryer every once in a while give your hair a break. Its okay to use heat, but trust me if you lay off of it for a while you are going to be rewarded with more defined curls and yet again healthier hair.

Focusing on keeping your hair healthy rather than being obsessed with length will help you to reach the length that you are genetically capable of.

Trims are an important of any healthy hair care routine. When you don’t trim your ends your hair will continue to grow, but it will look as if it isn’t growing because  it will take on a thinned out appearance.

The longer you wait to remove those pesky splits the further they will travel up your hair shaft. If you take good care of your hair you may find that you only have to trim your hair as needed, however if you use heat more frequently for example you may have to trim more often.

Stop rough housing with your hair and your hair will thank you with less hair breakage. When caring for your hair think of it as a delicate material that you are preserving. Handling your hair with care is one of the most significant factors contributing to its growth.

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  1. says

    its been 7 months since i have started my transitioning but i am completely lost. i don’t know how to care for my 4c hair and i i have the big chop right away so my hair is extremely short and i do not see any growth occurring. i braid my hair often because of its length and when i take the braids out there is a lot of shedding and a lot of knotting going on. i don’t know what products i should use , i find myself using different ones all the time. i don’t know when to wash or co wash or condition my hair . Can you help me figure this stuff out please?

    • hillz says

      Keep browsing on this site, you will find a lot of usefully information.

      Here is what I suggest:
      Don’t use different products all the time give the ones you have a chance to work, if they don’t, give them away. Look for products that don’t have the bad alcohols(there are good ones too) that are drying or products full of sulfates,

      Get a sulfate free shampoo or a mild shampoo, a protein deep conditioner or just use eggs or avocado pear, get a moisturizing deep conditioner, a regular conditioner and an Afro comb, I personal prefer pure coconut oil but you can also use jojoba, castor, pure avocado oil, pure olive oil.

      1st: Create a regimen that suits you and only you.
      Choose your wash days.
      Wash days could be once a week or twice. If you wash twice, then EX, Sundays = Shampoo wash, conditioning, deep conditioning.

      Wednesdays= Condition washing or wash with warm water especially the scalp then deep condition for 10 minutes or so)

      * If you cant wash in sections, don’t stress it let your hair get long enough.
      * Focus on the scalp when you wash your hair, this will prevent a lot of matting and dry hair.
      * Wash with warm water and the last rinse should be the coldest water you can take.
      * Comb your hair when you’re conditioning or deep conditioning, after this don’t comb until your hair is semi dry.

      When your hair is semi dry, use coconut or any other oil of your choice. A few drops for the scalp and the hair. If you want to use a leave in conditioner or a styling product do so as long as they don’t have ingredients that can do more harm than good.

      Use a protein treatment once a month or for a start: 1st month twice, 2nd month once and keep using it depending on what your hair needs.

      Your hair grows all the time maybe its just braking at a faster rate.
      If the braiding is doing more harm than good, take a break. Sometimes the braids are too tight or too heavy that’s why when you take it out there is a lot of hair on your comb. Opt for flat twist, two strand twist, plaits, corn rows. keep them in for a week and plait your hair again.

      If you feel the need of braiding, do a protein treatment a few days before you braid, it must not be tight, to much braid on a small section of hair is not advisable. wash and condition weekly, when you are about to take them off, use a protein treatment a day or two before. don’t keep them for more than a month or 5 weeks, look after them.

      Don’t feel lost just take baby steps and your hair will reward you. Do whats best for your hair.
      The basic thing is balancing your protein and moisture levels in your hair, keeping a clean scalp and most of all a health body.

      And most importantly for your mind, don’t do length checks all the time, you will see no growth. Give a period of four months or even a year. Patience is the key ” Speaking out of experience ”

      Hope this helps, and like I said browse on you will find lots of help here.

  2. says

    I am not that bothered not seeing my hair grow. What I am up to is to have a strong and healthy curls! And I agree with you to keep focus on our hair’s health. :) Thanks!

  3. Sekeena J says

    I began transitioning back to natural 8mths ago & my hairs broken off a lot, it’s not so bad because it’s the permed hair that’s fallen off but now my hairs uneven all over so I’m trying to grow it out. My question is will keeping my natural hair braided up help it grow faster & should I still wash once a week & deep condition once a month?

    • Hillz says

      1) Because your permed hair is braking, trim the all of the relax end this will avoid the breakage affecting your natural hair.
      2) Braiding your hair will help retain what you grow but just make sure the braids are never done too tight, don’t keep them on for too long other wise the hair will lock and cause breakage. moisturize the hair while in braids
      3) Wash your hair weekly,
      4) Deep condition weekly or thrice a month. Buy a deep conditioner that doesn’t have protein.
      5) Do protein treatments once or twice a month but follow up with a the deep conditioner.
      6) Be consistent once your hair gets used to something good and your are not consistent you won’t really see much results.
      7) Don’t wash your hair when your in a rush.

      My question is will keeping my natural hair braided up help it grow faster?

      If you braid your hair and treat it right, then the amount of hair you grow will always be retained therefor leading to longer hair. But braiding on its own doesn’t really make the hair grow, it can either protect or destroy the hair depending on your practices.
      Hope this helps :)

  4. says

    I am starting today with my quest to grow my hair out. it is a little bit past my shoulder but it is relaxed. I want to go natural. I am not going to do the big chop instead I am just gonna let it grow out and cut the relaxed ends gradually. when i was pregnant with my son my hair was down to the middle of my back and was very healthy. I want to know if i wear my hair in braids for two years( taken the braids down when they get old and getting it rebraided) will my hair grow well. I also have boitin vitamins that i plan to take. additional if i take prenatals will that help with my hair growth. I am aiming to have long healthy natural hair hopefully in two years

    • Hillz says

      Hi Shay

      Usually in pregnancy the hormone levels for most people are high this gives health and faster growth rate for their hair while for others its the opposite. If you really want to take supplements you should talk to your doctor and let him determine what supplements are best and what quantity is good. You should be aware that supplements have side effects and if your daily intake is 500 g and you reduce or stop, it will affect the functioning of your body and negatively affect your hair growth and health. If you can find the vitamins and minerals in food their is no need to take supplements.

      I don’t have anything against supplements, There was a time I wanted to try them out but I thought to myself why not change the diet and see what happens. When I changed my diet to a healthy one and reduced my stress levels my hair grew at the same rate as some who take supplements.

      Any ways, for you to see good results in two years, start by
      1- making sure you have no split ends at all.
      2- You have water based products that won’t pile up on the strands/braids
      3- The person braiding doesn’t have hash hands( plait and it hurts)
      4- If you use synthetic fibers change styles every month
      5- Protein treatments 2 days before you braid
      6- Give your hair a resting period in between braids of about 2 weeks( you can try twist and alike)
      7- Do not over estimate your potential hair growth, this leads to disappointments.
      8- Managing two textures is war( for me) trim your hair 1/2 or 1 inch every time you take down the braids.
      9- While transitioning find products that work your natural hair, this will save you the struggle some people get when they wake up and big chop then start the hunt.
      10- Just because your hair is braided doesn’t mean you should forget about it.

      In those two years the growth and health you desire will be as a result of what you are doing to your hair..

      What ever you do, take good care of your body and it will always take care of your hair. :wink:

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