12 Bomb Perm Rod Set Hairstyle Pictorials and Photos

perm rod set stylesPerm rod set hairstyles are a great way to achieve glamorous curls and stretch your hair with very little manipulation needed.


#1 Always start on freshly washed hair so you have a nice clean slate to start with. Make sure you work on your hair section by section. Thoroughly detangle your hair, you can use a water based leave in conditioner for moisture and some slip as you detangle.

#2 It is very important that you use a product that will give you hold when you are doing a perm rod set. This will help to eliminate frizz, give the style more definition and give you longer lasting style. Setting lotions and foams are great to use.

#3 Before removing your rods make sure your hair is completely dry. If your hair is still semi wet when you remove them, your hair will frizz and the style will not last. You can let the style dry overnight or use a hooded dryer for 45 minutes to an hour.

Now that we’ve given you our quick tips for starting your style off right, here is our curated pick of pictorials and photos that show off the beauty of perm rod set hairstyles and the versatility of this look:

perm rod set
Enhance a braided updo with perm rods. Such a lovely elegant look! Style source @suchabusybee.

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