Make Short Natural Hairstyles Look Femme and Fab

Our society has associated femininity with long straight flowing hair and whenever we think about deviating from this “norm” it’s scary to think we won’t be thought of as feminine or beautiful. Short natural hairstyles are beautiful, it’s about having the confidence to wear one and how you accessorize. When rocking the TWA, make sure your hair is one unified texture; otherwise it won’t look too great. Make sure you are taking steps to leave your hair properly nourished and moisturized, as Black women we constantly have to battle enemy #1 dryness.

Remember to accessorize, with headbands, long dangly earrings, hats, barrettes, and you are on your way to looking stylish. All of these accessories keep you from looking too dull and liven up your style. You can also jazz it up a bit by doing two strand twists, differentiating the parts in your hair, adding more curl definition by doing a Wash n Go, using great moisturizing products such as Aloe Vera, and fluffing out for a more traditional looking fro. You are only limited by your creativity Napsters, take initiative, and you will be quite pleased with your creations. Set your own standard of beauty ladies, be a natural style leader and innovator. 




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