Argan Oil’s Benefits

Argan Oil
Recently I was introduced to Argan Oil by my Gynecologist as a method for caring for my acne prone skin. I found this intriguing so I decided to purchase this oil. However after giving further thought I decided against trying this oil on my skin due to the fact that I already have very oily acne prone skin. I couldn’t let this oil go to waste so I used it in my hair and I love! It was very light weight and it didn’t leave my curls looking flat and greasy.

What is Argan Oil?

Argan Oil comes from a fruit that only grows in the Sahara of Morocco. It has become one of the most popular anti aging products on the market. Due to the fact that this fruit only grows in certain environments the oil can be quite pricey.


Facts about Argan Oil:

  • Rich in Vitamins A & E
  • Contains essential fatty acids(70% oleic and linoleic acids)
  • There is some research that suggest that it may be helpful for the treatment of psoriasis
  • Non-greasy and absorbs quickly into skin and hair



  • Dry skin
  • Softens cuticles
  • Treating split ends
  • Moisturizer for hair
  • Anti- aging serum


Do not use on acne prone skin! This oil contains a lot of oleic acid which is highly comedogenic which can lead to clogged pores and a terrible break- out!

Read more about it from Beauty Brains here


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