Anise for Peace Natural Hair Spotlight

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Anise for Peace Natural Hair Spotlight

Tell me a little about the history of your hair?

I was natural throughout all my childhood; I had big curly hair, composed mainly of 3c/4a hair. Each summer my hair turns red and blonde from exposure to sun and swimming in the ocean and la playa. At the age of 11, I decided I wanted a relaxer because I wanted to have long straight hair like Beyoncé Knowles. So, my mother consented, and I have been raised by a family who does not know how to care for African-American hair. I was adopted at the age of 2 and a half, and my birth mother was Caucasian and I do not have any information on my birth father.

So, I went through middle school not knowing that I needed to have touch ups on my relaxed hair, and my hair grew out and I was so lazy with my hair that my parents made me get my hair cut and I had a really short afro. I felt very insecure about myself, because of the length of my hair, I never had hair that short before. Eventually a year late my parents forced me to get a relaxer because I did not take care of my natural hair at all. I hated my hair. Thus begun my journey to long relaxed hair.

I started taking care of my relaxed hair, but I had a light relaxer and my hair was wavy. I eventually grew my hair past BSL, and by that time I was really tired of my hair. I loved the waves, and I wore wash n gos every day, and my hair was very thick, long, and healthy but I secretly longed for my natural hair. Every year I routinely got a relaxer every 6 months, so I was used to going for long periods of time without relaxing. I found videos of ladies going natural and that further showed me that I could go natural. One day in my 6th month of transition I decided I wanted to cut all my hair off. At the barber’s my mother pulled my hair down and it was in mid back length. I had the lady cut all my hair off and shave the sides and back of my hair. I loved it!

A year later, I am happy with my hair, and I love the uniqueness and exotic beauty of it. It matches my personality. In the beginning of my hair journey I was insecure with myself because I couldn’t identify with the community around me, and now I am proud that I stand out and don’t have to conform with the views of society.

What made you want to go natural?

I wanted to be unique and take a risk; I wanted to have my big curly hair back. I didn’t want to be like everyone else.

What was your relaxer experience like?

My experience was great; I’ve always had healthy hair. I never cared to have bone straight hair, so I rarely ever flat-ironed it. It was long, thick, and pretty! I don’t think I’ll ever go back to them.

What is your hair care routine?

On my YouTube channel, Aniseforpeace, I have started a, 6 Month Healthy Hair Challenge, that is composed of the healthy hair methods I have found to benefit my natural hair and help me retain length. I have done research and found that combing, and brushing hair leads to breakage and wears down the oldest part of the hair shaft (ends of our hair), and that’s the part of my hair I work so hard to protect and retain length of! Also, it takes entirely far too long for me to brush all my hair, and I am tender headed :o( I do not like putting much stress on my hair!

I do not like to use commercial products on my hair. Most of my regimen is composed of organic and natural ingredients, most are completely homemade. 97% of the time I mix together all the products, treatments, and oils that go into my hair and I know how they affect my hair. It is good and positive to be able to control your hair regimen, you can achieve the inevitable. I love living a healthy lifestyle, in and out.

My Detailed Regimen:

Wash Day (every 2 weeks on Sunday/Sat.):

*Apply and massage diluted ACV mixture to hair and scalp.

*Apply Calcium Bentonite Clay to hair and detangle. Shower cap.

-Let sit for 25-30 mins then rinse well with warm water

*Apply Black Tea (black tea rinse) to hair and scalp

*Apply Deep Conditioner. Shower Cap.

-Let sit for 40-60 mins then rinse well with warm water

Moisturize Hair for upcoming week/protective style

Moisturize Hair:

*With leave-in

-focus on ends of hair!

*Apply Coconut Oil (only oil that penetrates hair shaft)

*Apply my homemade sealant oil mix

-castor oil

-grape seed oil

-Lemongrass Essential Oil

-Sweet Orange Essential Oil

*style as needed

-I find that braids are amazing, keeping my hands out of my hair, and great protective style. I wear these at LEAST 2 weeks per month

Deep Conditioning:

I do not always use protein, but as needed, I really like to mix the protein and moisture together as well, for anyone who wants both. Since I wash every 2 weeks, every other week will rotate between moisture and protein
deep conditioning.

*Always have black tea rinse with each deep conditioner


*ORS Replenishing Conditioner (favorite commercial product thus far)


-honey, yogurt, oil






p.s. I want to purchase silk amino acids to add to my deep conditioning regimen/ and or moisturizing regimen



Refreshing in Protective Styles:

*reapply products/oil/water/leave in as needed (if my hair is dry or not)

Notice: I do not usually co-wash, I usually just deep condition at the end of the first week in my 2 week period before wash day, and that refreshes my hair and brings it back to homeostasis and then I moisturize
and style as usual.

*Use sealant & scalp oil mix

-castor oil

-grape seed oil

-Lemongrass Essential Oil

-Sweet Orange Essential Oil
What techniques work best for you when styling your hair? (ex. twists outs, bantu knots, braids)

If I am not wearing my natural hair out, I am wearing braids under hats and headscarves. Protective styling is very important to me. I live in a desert and although it is winter it is 82 degrees out today. During the summer is the only time I usually wear my hair out. But our summer begins in early March/April and ends in November.

I love braid outs, I find that I get far more length than I do in twist outs, and they last sooooo long. Also, I never get frizz like I do with twist outs. And I always have amazing definition. Bantu knots don’t look so hot on me even though I love how the look on others! I wear a lot of updos and different styles, buns, ponytails; you can see my different hairstyles on my YouTube channel Aniseforpeace.

What are your favorite hair care products?

I do not like to use commercial products on my hair. Most of my regimen is composed of organic and natural ingredients, most are completely homemade. 97% of the time I mix together all the products, treatments, and oils that go into my hair and I know how they affect my hair. It is good and positive to be able to control your hair regimen, you can achieve the inevitable. I love living a healthy lifestyle, in and out.

My Favorite Products:

·      Honey

·      Castor Oil

·      ORS Replenishing Conditioner (favorite commercial product thus far)

How is the natural hair scene where you live?

Most African-American here women hair have relaxers. I rarely ever see someone with natural hair in my community!

Do your family, friends, or significant others embrace your natural style?

Everyone in my family, my friends, teachers, and others I interact with love my hair. My close friend Bow Kay says, “Anise, your hair is different every day!” Ha-ha it’s amazing how many people tell me that. But I do get compliments on my hair whenever I wear it out. My mom wants to control my hair! She doesn’t like it when I wear braids; she always wants me to wear it out ha-ha.

When you first began your natural hair journey are there any mistakes that you made with your hair that you would suggest others avoid?

Don’t waste your money on a bunch of products! That’s about it.

What advice would you offer to those who are considering going natural or are newly natural?

I have a video on my YouTube channel called Dear Nearly & Newly Naturals, basically an advice video that I think nearly and newly naturals should check out!

De verdad, many women come to me in advice for staying natural, going natural, and how to go natural.  A majority of the time they are so worried about what their audience, community, and the public will think of their natural hair. “How bold!” they might think. Why not let them think that? It is your life, why are you letting narrow-minded people get in the way of what you want? It’s your life! If you want to shave your head and rock a fade, then do it! If you want to wear tight coily hair, then let it grow! What’s stopping you? It can’t be those people who you’re so afraid of. You’re in control. So take a hold of the reins?  Your confidence and unique sense of style will not only turn heads, but show people that you’re your own person. And that is beautiful. Not to give a care about what others think, living life, your way, that confidence is appealing and inspiring. You don’t have to live your life according to the standards of this society.

Aniseforpeace’s Mini Guide to Healthy Hair:


You need to have patience throughout your hair journey, every day, as each day passes, through the ups and downs, and in your detangling. At points throughout your hair journey you are bound to go through set-backs, moments of insecurity, and doubts. Always remember who you are, what you’ve worked for, all your hard work and the patience that has got you this far and that you have support from your Natural Hair Community. Be GENTLE in your detangling, that’s your hair, you’ve worked hard for it to get in the state it’s in, love it.


When in doubt, water will get you through the drought! Moisture is so important, in fact, I believe it is the most important part of having a healthy hair regimen. Dry hair is brittle, prone to breakage. My secrets to having very moisturized hair is from natural honey, and castor oil. Both work great on my hair (for deep conditioning) and alone! Honey is my all-time favorite thing for my hair, so I guess you could call that a trick!

Proper Cleansing

Our hair may be prone to dryness, but it is important to cleanse our hair and scalps every 1-2 weeks.

Protective Styling

Protective styling is good because it protects the ends of your hair. I wear mostly, beanies/berets, headscarves, and braids, and some of those combined. Always wear a satin or silk scarf under your headscarves and beanies and other hats with different fabrics that can cause breakage to your hair. 

What is the best thing about being natural?

The best thing for me is that I don’t have to conform to the values of the society we live in. I’m in control of my life and I can and do inspire others to embrace there true, natural selves. It is a positive lifestyle that has made a tremendous impact on my life. You can find me on Natural Sunshine, KISS, Hairlista, Natural & Happy, Hairoines, Thirsty Roots, and YouTube (Aniseforpeace)!



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