Synethia’s Natural Diva Spotlight

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curly locked style
 I am really feeling this style and the earrings are cute, I should have done a style like this with my locs when I had them!

Tell me a little about the history of your hair?
My mother permed my hair at age 9. Then I wore Jerri Curls after my perm failed. I wore perm for a long time and during my university years I decide that I would go natural and so I wore braids. Since 2002 I have had locks and I am happy that I made the decision. I feel free because my hair is in it’s natural state and I am happy.

What was your relaxer experience like? 
 It was a very terrible experience. I would get burns each time I got a perm even when I did not irritate my scalp. I hate hair dryers and I usually spend hours under them.

What made you choose the loc type that you have over any other types of locs ?
I like small locks because I think they look neat.

How long have you had your locs?
9 years

What method do you use to maintain them (ex: Palm rolling, latch hook, twisting) ?
Interlocking and twisting

Your loc routine?
I usually wash my hair, deep condition, hot oil, moisturize, either twist/interlock, plait/rod curl.

What are your favorite products?
I like using lots of products from my kitchen that I make but I also use products that I buy. I like Dr. Bonner’s Magic Soap (Tea Tree/Peppermint shampoo), Jamaican Castor oil, tea tree oil, lock and twist gel, Oyin Honey hemp Conditioner, and Natural Shea butter.

Do you feel that your locs are versatile? Why?
Yes I do. I can create whatever hairstyle I want with no limitations or time constraints.

Have you gotten more compliments on your natural hair or more on your relaxed?

Yes, I have. I have gotten so many compliments that I started my own blog (.com) record videos for YouTube (pecadora99)

Any advice for those considering your loc choice?
It’s one of the best choices you will ever make. Locks are stylish, versatile and strong. You will have endless possibilities of harstyles.


3 thoughts on “Synethia’s Natural Diva Spotlight

  1. Shea Butter, I have been using the line for a while now and have no problems with hair stench. I know quite a few people who use it and they have no problem either. I find it quite light, lathers easily and cleans my hair well.

  2. When you use shampoo locs you have to be careful about what you use as you do not want to cause a buildup problem. I used Dr.Bronner's and I loved it! Most of the lighter shampoos that I have tried do not foam up as well as Castile Soap.

  3. Dr. Bonner's Magic Soap – This reminds me of the good old hippie days! I love this stuff, especially the tingly peppermint kind. It's bracing but not so much that it causes actual bodily harm. It's not great for shampoo, however. My friend's hair always smell bad because this soap just isn't strong enough to really clean one's head thoroughly. Also the label is a classic and I am surprised that it isn't Warholized yet. So: Dr. Bronner's is great for the bod, but use a real shampoo and do those around you a favor.

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