Soft and Beautiful Botanical Lite Creme Moisturizer Product Review

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“The unique natural formula moisturizer conditions and maintains beautiful hair.This Lite Crème Moisturizer utilizes a non-greasy formula to completely condition your hair and scalp. Also, the unique combination of plant extracts will help maintain and control your beautiful hair.”

 My Thoughts on This Product

Way back when, when I was in my transitioning phase of my natural journey, this was one of my favorite products to use. In fact, I loved this entire product line because it kept my hair really moisturized and because my hair was always moist I retained more hair. I used this product mostly when I was doing my high bun to add moisture to my hair, add a wave pattern, and give my ponytail a  more sleek look. While transitioning my bun was my favorite style to wear because I could hide my straight ends while implementing protective styling. Also when I did my ponytails, they were Wash n Go ponytails, and this product was perfect for replenishing moisture in my hair.

Ingredient Claim

  • Aloe is known for its healing, soothing and moisturizing qualities
  • Chamomile is known for its soothing and calming properties
  • Ginseng is an anti-oxidant that is know to protect against free radicals or environment factors

From my experience Aloe is a miracle worker for my hair so it is no surprise that I enjoyed this product. If you like to do your own homemade mixes try Aloe it is great at moisturizing your hair and making it more manageable.

Why do I recommend this product?

This is product is perfect for adding moisture to hair that is very dry like mine, so if you suffer from really dry hair if you haven’t given this product a try you should. Transitioners this product is good for you as well because it will enhance your natural curl pattern, at least the part of your hair that is natural and you can hide your ends any way you please. Anyone who enjoys doing Wash n Go styling should enjoy this product too, after you have washed your hair this product is great at helping you get your moisture balance back. This product is reasonably priced it is anywhere between $4-6. The only thing that I see wrong with this product is the container is not bigger! : ) I used a lot with each usage, which is probably not recommended but I did it anyway because my hair was really dry.

1 thought on “Soft and Beautiful Botanical Lite Creme Moisturizer Product Review

  1. Soft and Beautiful Botanical Lite Creme Moisturizer has been the best product for my hair since I have been natural 20 months ago. I have tried numerous products, but they would leave white residue on my hair as it dries. However, this product leaves my hair soft and moisturized all day. In addition to this product, I also recommend Pantene Deep Conditioner for natural hair. These two product define my curls and decrease styling time before work in the mornings. Most important, these two products works well with the palm movement for coiling short hair. I love these products!!!!!!!!

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