How to Retwist Your Own Locs and Save Some Coins

how to retwist your own locs


Are you tired of paying $55 and up to get your hair re-twisted every 2-4 weeks? I know I was! If you are getting your locs started, I would suggest getting it professionally done and maintained until your hair locks. Now entering my 2 year loc journey, my hair has grown significantly and can be re-twisted at home. Here is a simple step by step method :


What you will need:

1) Shampoo and conditioner of your choosing. Suggestion: I love Dr. Bronner’s Peppermint Pure Castile Liquid Soap; it has a great cool tingling sensation on my scalp and it smells so good.


2) Towel.

3)Hair Gel. Suggestion: Eco-Styler gel is alcohol free and great for preventing flaking. Or you can make your own using flaxseeds or chia.

4) Hair clips.

Step 1: After thoroughly shampooing and conditioning the hair, pat it with a towel leaving your locs damp, but not wet.

Step 2: Separate your locs into four sections using hair scrunchies or large hair clips.

Step 3: Apply a pea- sized amount of gel to the top of the first loc and twist it clockwise until it’s tightened and there is no loose hair. Place a hair clip at the start of the loc to hold it in place. Move onto the next loc and repeat until the entire head is fully twisted and tightened. Tip: Every loc should be twisted in the same direction. You can also use one hair clip to hold three locs in place.

Step 4: Place a hair net over your locs, tying it tight.

Step 5: Sit under the dryer for 30-45 minutes or until the hair is fully dry or air dry overnight.

Step 6: After removing the hair net, use a spray moisturizer or your favorite oil to give your scalp some shine and conditioning.

Step 7: Pat yourself on the back. You have successfully re-twisted your own locs.


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24 Responses to How to Retwist Your Own Locs and Save Some Coins

  • If I’m retwisting dreads and I want to curl them, do I retwist, then dry, then wet again and roll? Or once I retwist them, do I go ahead and rod them and then sit under the dyer at the same time?

  • So I’ve had my dreads for 5 years and they are pretty long but I used to get them retwisted by salon who used the crochet method, but they were too expensive so I learned how to do it myself by just doing the twist and palm roll method using eco olive oil gel. However after I would re twist my hair I would wait a week or two and wash it or even just swim and my dreads would come out as if I’ve never done it so I was wondering if I needed to wait longer or should I not swim too soon and wash my hair differently than I usually would?

  • Is it okay to use any shampoo, gels , and moisturizers?

  • Thanks for your useful site. I’ll contact u for more advice. I started the loc 4weeks ago.

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