Natural Hair Wigs: Would You Rock This?

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Natural Hair wig by FingercomberNatural Hair Wig

Isn’t crazy to believe that both of these ladies are wearing wigs! This wig looks so natural, and seems to be the perfect trick to use when you are getting tired of dealing with your hair. We all get to a point where we are tired of wearing the same style day after day, and wigs are a great way to give your hair a break, while also giving you the change that you need. This is also something great for some of you ladies who may be transitioning or someone who may be considering going natural.

I was lucky enough to purchase this wig, before it sold out, and I cannot wait to review it for you all. For a while I have been religiously wearing protective styles, and since I am a 4b natural this comes along with my shrinkage, because I have been also laying off of the heat. I am so excited because this is a way for me to achieve the length and change of style that I would like without going to far away from a natural look.

In the meantime if you are interested in purchasing this unit, you can check out to view their next availability. From the looks of the pics the wigs are absolutely gorgeous and so natural looking! Here is what some of our Facebook fans had to say:

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What do you think of these wigs? Do you think wigs are a good protective style?

3 thoughts on “Natural Hair Wigs: Would You Rock This?

  1. Love them both….Where can I order! Thxx

  2. Great post! Wigs and Weaves can be great for naturals. I LOVE wigs as a protective style. I prefer to wear inexpensive wigs that look like as close to my natural hair as possible. I blog about natural hair also- and always have updates on the most natural looking wigs on the market. Check it out here!:

  3. These wigs are great alternatives for bad hair days!

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