What You Should Know About DIY Havana Twists

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Havana twists are one of the easiest braided extensions that you can do on your own.  1. they are thicker, 2. twisting them takes no time  and  3. your  parts do not have to be so defined.  When they are done you have a beautiful natural looking style that will last you for a month or two.

The larger you would like your Havana twists to be the more packs of hair you will need. While the whole idea of Havana twists is to have thick juicy locks of hair keep in mind you need to pick a size that fits your individual look.

For my Havana twists which are on the medium side it took 5 packs of hair, now if you were thinking of going larger then you would need to consider about 7 to 8 packs of hair.  This hair is a little easier to get through than the typical braiding hair but it still has its fair share of knots and tangles. Be sure to finger comb it as you twists your sections.

To keep your hair from drying out make sure you moisturize your hair really good as you braid each section concentrating heavily on your ends. Also adding some moisture to the Havana hair gives you a more sleek clean look.

Havana Twists
Me in the Bahamas with my Havana Twists

What makes this style even more awesome is that even with age the style looks really great. I have just came back from my vacation in the Bahamas after swimming around a good amount of times in salty sandy water and even after my shampooing sessions my Havana’s are still holding up.

Please do not forget to take care of your hair when wearing protective styles such as this. You are still free to wash, condition, and moisturize your hair while wearing Havanas. Neglecting to do so may land you with some gruesome split ends.

Havana Twists
Model wearing Havana Twists that are 10 weeks old

See how incredible they look as they get older : ) There is no need to neglect your hair of the TLC it needs in fear of it looking sloppy!

Havana Twists after 3 weeks
My Havana Twists after 3 weeks

To purchase Havana twists hair visit Fingercomber.com, they also have a step by step pictorial guide for how to do them.

This post was not compensated! I wanted to do my own Havana twists to give myself a nice protective style to wear and I am simply sharing my experience. Reviews that are compensated will be identified as such and as always my reviews will be open and honest.

22 thoughts on “What You Should Know About DIY Havana Twists

  1. What is the best way to protects your edges while you hair is in this style? Cause i don’t want my edges to thin out even more.

    1. From my experience I would suggest parting your hair in large square sections before adding the extensions. This ensures that the extensions are attached to more hair rather than just a few strands that can break or snap off. Also make sure you twist your hair softly when adding the hair in & not too tight. You can also leave some of your “baby hairs” out and slick them down with natural gel instead of twisting them. I have several post on havana twists at http://www.myfairhair.blogspot.com

  2. After swimming on vacation were you able to re-use the hair? Or is this like braid hair, where once you take it out you throw it away? Thanks.

    1. Yes, the hair is reusable according to the company. I don’t know about after swimming though…

  3. I just did my own havanas for the first time…and i’m a poor braider lol but they came out looking like it was my own hair lol! The style actually has me considering going natural..

    1. Wow…you just inspired me. I am horrible with hair but I think I can do this! Gonna try. Thanks!

  4. How many packs of the fingercomber was used to do the Havana twists in the tutorial? I like the length and size of the twist…

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