4 Tips for Dreadlock Care

Although dreadies are for the most part a getup and go low maintenance style, this doesn’t mean that they do not require any care. Here are some simple tips that will keep your dreadlocks healthy and beautiful.

African American Dreadlock Care

Still Protect Your Hair at Night

When you no longer have free flowing tresses, cotton from your bedding is no longer a worry when it comes to breaking off your hair. Even though breakage at least from this, is no longer a concern you do have something else to worry about from this. Buildup! Lint is attracted to your hair like a  magnet, which is why you still want to wear a scarf to protect your hair or you want to use satin or silk bedding.


Overtime getting lint out of your hair will become a chore if you continuously sleep without your hair being protected. You may be able to pick some out, but in some cases it is lodged pretty deep into your loc, being almost impossible for you to get out. Some people opt for dying their hair at this point to cover up the white linty spots, but who wants to walk around with lint in their hair?

Don’t Strangle Your Roots to Death

Really love neat looking dreadlocks? Well, you can still maintain a neat look, but every once in a while give your roots a break. When you constantly twist your roots as tight as you can you are putting extreme tension on your locs.

Eventually after continuously putting this amount of tension on your locs some of them may snap off right in your hands. Your edges are especially sensitive and prone to this so just be careful, you don’t want your hairline to lean back.

Locs Like Moisture Too

You still should give your hair the moisture it craves, but be careful in the products that you choose to avoid buildup. When the seasons change, things can get particularly dry so keeping your hair moist is not a bad idea.

Heavy waxes and creams are hard to get out of locs, so opting for light natural oils and jellies is probably the best way to go.

Keep it Clean

Dreadlocks thrive in a clean environment. If you are hearing otherwise, you shouldn’t take advice from anyone who is saying this.

When you are first starting locs, water actually helps to loc your hair up faster. It aids in kinking up your hair for hold, and most importantly it keeps it CLEAN.

Once you are fully locked continue to wash your hair on a regular basis. Cleansing is a part of any healthy hair care routine.


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  1. My cousin has been wanting to get dreadlock soon. It is good to know that it would be smart for her to make sure that her dreadlocks are getting moisture. It might be smart for her to get some professional help with maintaining those dreadlocks.

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