3 Ways to Curl Dreadlocks

Giving your dreadlocks some curl is the perfect way to give yourself a change and create a style with some bounce. Here are three ways that dreadies can get curl definition.


  • Achieve a spiral pattern with perm rods. Give your locs plenty of moisture, roll, and allow room for setting time. Ideally you are going to want to let this sit overnight so it has plenty of time to get nice and dry or if you have a sit under dryer you can use this instead. Either option that you use, make sure that your locs are completely dry otherwise you will be disappointed with the results.

Rod Set Dreadlocks


Check out this video to see how this spiral curl look is created.

  • The pipe cleaner method seems to be a tad bit tedious and requires some patience on your part…. I won’t even lie ya’ll. Just looking at this makes me think girl you had some time on your hands! However, every time I see the results they look absolutely stunning. In a previous Naturalista Spotlight, Latrena had some beautiful pipe cleaner curls to share with us.


In the video below Chescalocs shows us how she styles her pipe cleaner curls.

  • Braid outs, are the easiest method for giving your dreadlocks a nice wavy effect. Simply apply moisture to your hair (water based such as a setting lotion) and braid your locs into small sections.


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3 Responses to 3 Ways to Curl Dreadlocks

  • Another option to curling dreadlock is the bantu knots. I use this style all the time because it is a two in one style. I section my hair into sections and use a setting lotion and wrap them around and seal with a rubber band. I wear this for about a week and then I take them out and it leaves a beautiful curl pattern.

  • There is also the bantu knot method. Its two styles in one. Wear the knots for a week and then take them out and u have beautiful head of curls.

  • Nice post and beautiful pics…

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