Nidia, A South African Woman’s Hair Story

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My natural hair journey started in April 2013 but that was just my mind set that started to change. For years I never wore my hair curly, my mother would set it in rollers and leave it to dry proceeded by plaiting it for school.
Curly Hair

When I got older I started to do my hair myself I started by blowing it out on wet hair but that left me with major split ends and heat damage so I was forced to learn how to roll it in myself and that alone took me years to master it properly. I used to take up to 2 HOURS JUST ROLLING IN MY HAIR. Then the pesky hair straightener/ flat iron became popular and I was on that bandwagon; it was the ultimate solution to get my hair straight and perfect.

Hair Story of Nidia Daniels

At this point it was a 5 step, 2 hour process to do my hair and I was just getting fed up. I had started using less heat on my hair by only setting my hair in rollers and then blowing it out but my hair was unmanageable ,frizzy and thick, so I was back to square 1. One day out of pure frustration I took to Google to find some information and landed on a site that I fully relate to and within 3 weeks I was convinced that I needed to do a big chop, partly because I was excited and because there is a lack of information available to South African girls transitioning from heat damage to natural hair.

A week after my 22nd Birthday I was sitting on our lounge floor and my mother was cutting my bra strap length hair. I have decided to keep my hair short for 6 months after my initial big chop just so that I can experiment and enjoy my natural hair.

Nidia's Big Chop

While going natural can be a struggle and each natural/curly girl has their own set of trials and tribulations however being a South African girl going natural, I face a set of different challenges. South African girls do not have the booming market for natural/ curly girls; we do not have South African girls that have blogs/you tube channels dedicated to going natural or having natural hair, products such as Ouidad, Miss Jessie Curl and Shea Moisture are products that I can only dream of getting my hands on and this makes going natural much more difficult.

These unique set of challenges prompted made me start writing on my blog again and provide information about South African hair products while also recording my own journey. Come 2014 these curls will be popping.

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