Jennifer Harris of CurlWise Shares Her Hair Story

Jennifer Harris, the vlogger and creator of “Shit Natural Hair Girls Say” shares her hair story with us and her new company

Jennifer Harris Natural Hair1. How long have you been natural?
I started transitioning in June of 2010, and I decided to big chop in February of 2011.


2. What made you want to go back to natural?
I started getting relaxers at the age of 5. I was (and still am) very tender-headed. I would scream and cry when my mom combed through my hair. To make it easier, she gave me a relaxer. I went back natural partly because I was curious to see what my hair texture was like and for another reason. Around the time my curiosity was running rampant about my natural hair texture, my mom got a hold of a relaxer that was supposed to be re-called from store shelves. When she used it, it took big clumps of her hair out. That pushed me over the edge. I do not know what I would have done if it would have happened to me. I decided it was time to see what having my natural hair is like.


3. If you wore relaxers/texturizers how was that experience?
Oh! Nobody could tell me anything when I had a fresh relaxer and a wrap. My relaxer experience was good. Like all ladies that have had a relaxer, I experienced the burning upon application and scabs because I was sneaking in a scratch here and there before my relaxer, but I always had long hair. I never really had growth issues with a relaxer. I took a lot of time to take care of it. I enjoyed my relaxers, but I would never go back.

4. What do you think is the most important aspect of your hair care routine? Why?
That is a very good question. The most important aspect of my hair care routine is actually not what I do directly to my hair, it is what I put into my body. It is what I eat and drink. I believe that your diet impacts the health and behavior of our hair. I am not a vegan or a vegetarian. I am not on any type of crazy diet. I just eat balanced meals. I drink 6-8 glasses of water a day. When I am not drinking water, I am typically drinking some type of juice. When my diet is not balanced, my hair seems to be dry and dull, making it more prone to breaking. It all starts from within and that is why the most important aspect of my hair care routine is what I put into my body.

Jennifer Harris Curlwise.com5. Tell us about your company Curl Wise. is the number one place to find discounts on hair care products for people with naturally curly hair. When you browse through the site, you will find discounted products and accessories, coupon codes, printable coupons, and also a blog. We have just released the site recently and are working hard to present our curly ladies (and gents) with more savings.  Our blog has hair care tips, shopping information, DIY recipes, and also my “Comedy Hour.” Back a few years ago, I made ‘Shit Natural Hair Girls Say‘… so you can say I have a bit of a sense of humor. I feel as though we take our hair and community so serious, we forget to laugh sometimes! Whenever I am inspired to do something a little silly, I will post it there. All in all, CurlWise is all about healthy hair, empowerment, liberation, and self-confidence. I want everyone with curly hair to be able to find products that works for them without breaking the bank.

6. What are your favorite must have products?
No matter what changes in my hair care routine, Coconut Oil and Kinky Curly Knot Today Leave In Conditioner stays on my shelf and in my hair.

7. What is your advice to new naturals or those thinking about going natural?
My advice to new naturals or to people who are thinking about going natural is to stick with the journey. It is okay to be unsure of how it will look or how to maintain it. The natural hair community is huge now. We are here for you, and if you feel no one is there, I am here for you. You can always reach out to me for support, guidance, or advice.

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  • If my hair like protein, can you recommend the type of products I should be using on my hair. My hair is kinky curly except for the top and front, it is a bit straighter and I also have fine hair.

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