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Store Bought Products vs DIY Products

DIY-NATURAL-HAIR-PRODUCTSKlout Follower Sshar Scott asks:

“Is a store bought moisturizer or a DIY moisturizer better for 4a/4b/4c hair?”

My ultimate answer to this is, it depends!


If you are willing to invest in the energy to create your own DIY product it can be beneficial to your hair. In fact, spending tons of  money on products is not a requirement for achieving healthy hair. You can you use a very minimum amount of product including using products you create and effectively moisturize your hair.

As long has the products that you create have water as its first (primary) ingredient you are on your way to creating an effective moisturizer. Tip: try adding Aloe to your mixture ( I personally think this is one of the most awesome natural products. It is moisturizing with an abundance of other cool uses including healing properties. Another must try is Flax Seed Gel.)

Now are DIY products better than store bought products? Well that would depend on the quality of your mixture. As long as you are creating something that is doing its job than yes it can be just as good or better than store bought products.

There are only two downsides the time investment that you have to make to the products and the shelf life; most DIY products have to be used within a week or so as they do not have preservatives to extend their life span.

Although I have heard of Vitamin E oil  and other natural solutions being used to preserve them:

“Vitamin E contains natural antioxidants which extend the life of your products. Gamma tocopherol, a component of Vitamin E, is a great antioxidant for protecting cosmetic formulations.” (From Nature with Love)

However, I would still be careful about letting homemade products sit around for too long as they are best used when they are fresh.

With that being said if you enjoy making your own products go for it!

Naptural85’s Flax Seed Gel Recipe


Ariane (Editor-in-Chief)

I am Ariane, full-time curly crusader, wife and mom. On this website we offer natural hair products, FREE natural hair tips, style ideas and support. More about my hair journey can be found here.

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  1. Alegna says:

    In what ways is the Flax Seed Gel used? Is it only for styling….Learning

  2. hello. Just wanted to add that most of the hair stuff I’ve made for myself has not had water in it so it is more stable and has a longer shelf life- several months in fact. If you do use water or anything with water, then you can use beeswax to stabilise your concoction. I made this flax seed gel and it kept two weeks in the fridge. It seemed fine but thicker, more gloopy. There wasn’t much left though.

  3. This was very helpful. Thank you for caring about all the 4c girls out there!! 🙂

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