Hate Natural Hair Shrinkage? We Have 7 Ways You Can Beat It

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Hate Natural Hair Shrinkage-

If you are a “seasoned” natural then you are familiar with that ugly “s” word —shrinkage!!!  Some women’s hair shrinks a little, while others’ shrinks a lot.  I have a friend whose hair shrinks up to SEVEN inches and she HATES it! I see it all the time — you spend time styling your wet hair and it eventually shrinks to a much shorter length. If you are struggling with shrinkage, keep in mind that it is normal and not always bad; it is a sign that your hair is healthy and full of elasticity.  If you pull a curl and it springs back (or shrinks) back, congratulations—you have healthy hair! 

However, I know it can be an annoying problem, so here are a few tips to help minimize shrinkage. See option #1 >

14 thoughts on “Hate Natural Hair Shrinkage? We Have 7 Ways You Can Beat It

  1. My grand daughter is five and her hair is frustrating. The back is curly and shrinks and tangles the drier it gets. It will look like both sides are longer than the hair in the middle. Suggestions?

  2. There’s actually a natural solution to shrinkage, it’s called the Hair Weight, best kept secret. A chemical free alternative to dealing with shrinkage, we just posted it on our instagram @amtuhairtools

  3. What can a person do if their is someone putting something in their hair products they use on their hair? Please send a answer.

  4. This only works for so long for me. My hair is extremely coily and the minute any type of moisture hits it, it will coil back up. The only way for my hair to stay straight even if humidity or moisture hits it is to put a relaxer in it. Until they come out with a way to put a natural relaxer without the chemicals then straight hair for this 4D-5B gal’s not going to work.

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