10 Tips to Retain More Length on 4c Hair

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grow 4c hair long
Determining your hair type can be an annoying process.  However, it can prove to be helpful in that you learn how to take care and maintain your hair.  What needs to be done for one hair type may not work for another.  4c hair is especially fragile and being equipped with the necessary information to keep your hair healthy can save time, trouble and prevent damage and breakage.  If your hair type is 4c and you find it difficult to retain length, here are 10 steps to help you grow and maintain healthy hair.

17 thoughts on “10 Tips to Retain More Length on 4c Hair

  1. After having cut 2″ off due to single strand knots, I realized I didn’t know how to effectively detangle my hair after wearing out my twist outs. In as much as they contribute to stretching the hair, they also come with a considerable amount of tangle that needs thorough detangling. I found the thorough detangling process daunting which as I earlier stated, led to rushed detangling then to single strand knots. Since then I’ve found that keeping my hair stretched using african threading is WAY more effective. It’s like constantly having a heatless blow out. I can keep my hair in African threads for up to a month with a daily spritz, daily application of shea butter to my exposed ends (ends not covered in thread) and an LOC every 5 days. Depending on how my hair feels, I throw in a scalp cleanse every 2 weeks. At the end of the month when it’s time for take down, my hair is SUPER stretched, all I do is a spritz of water and finger comb. The whole process takes less than 10 minutes and my hair is thoroughly detangled. I’ve been at it the last 3 months and managed to retain 5 inches of length since and keep those dreadful single strand knots at bay. 😀

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