Thanksgiving Hair: Stretched Styling Edition, Featuring @Naptural85

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Thanksgiving is literally right around the corner so we are excited to introduce a series to help you choose the best style for your hair and occasion! For this special Stretched Styling Edition, we will be featuring hairstyles by @Naptural85.

The great thing about the stretched styles that we’ve been featuring lately- perm rod sets, Curlformers, twistouts, braidouts, twist and curls, bantu knots, etc.- is that they can be worn as they are, or modified to create the perfect holiday hair. Plus, starting on hair that has previously been set makes for easy styling and quick results. After all, Thanksgiving is all about cooking, eating, and spending time with family and friends, not spending all day in your hair!

We’ll be featuring looks for every event: a casual look for a night out to the movies, a fancier style for eating with family or friends, and also a more elegant way to wear your hair to provide yet another option. All of these styles are simple to do: feel free to spruce them up with headbands or jewelry.

Check out this beautiful and almost effortless updo! You can achieve this style by starting on hair that has previously been set/stretched: a wash’n go, braidout, or twistout would be ideal.

For something a little more glam, Whitney shows how she creates this lovely updo, starting with hair that has been set with Curlformers. Check out Nap85’s Curlfomers tutorial here.

For a classic look that’s sure to please, opt for this exceptional style. You can easily use perm rods, satin rollers, or flexi rods to create the curls.

Jazz your look up with accessories and have some fun!

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