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Reader Question: Products That Help With Dryness and Shrinkage

African American woman with fluffy hair

I am a beginner  to natural hair and I’m having a hard time with trying to find the right products for my hair. Can you recommend some natural hair products? My hair is dry. I try stretching my hair and it shrinks right back up. I don’t know what I am  doing wrong. I’m really getting frustrated. Please help. – Nita


Ultimately the problem here boils down to dryness and identifying which products are going to help give your hair some stretch. Some products are going to naturally stretch your hair out while others are designed to curl your hair up. Another thing to note is that some products are so drying to the hair that they unintentionally cause shrinkage because they are just that drying to the hair. To solve your issue you need to learn how to find effective moisturizers and understand which products are going to give you a a more stretched look.

How to Pick A Good Moisturizer

  • A good moisturizer contains Water as its first ingredient.
  • Avoid products with glycols and parabens.
  • Go for jelly and creamy products.
  • While there are some good products that I have used with mineral oil, mineral oil tends to be on the lower quality side because it tends to coat the hair and make it too greasy without necessarily keeping it moisturized for very long. Go for products that contain all natural oils instead.
  • Very few oils are moisturizers. Don’t use an oil own its own expecting it to moisturize your hair. You should use oils after you have used a moisturizer to seal in the moisture.

Product Lines I Recommend and Have Used

Products that Will Give You Stretch

Products on the buttery side of things will tend to give you a more stretched out  puffy look. So if you happen to try Shea Moisture’s product line, the Raw Shea Butter Deep Treatment Masque or the Curl Enhancing Smoothie will do the trick. Jellies will be moisturizing and will keep your hair from being so tight, but ultimately they give the hair a curlier look so if stretched out hair is your goal for buttery creamy products.


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