What if You Could Have the Salon Come to You?

rod set and french roll

There are many reasons we put off a trip to the salon. Sometimes it’s the idea of having a long wait or we just may not have the time for it. But, what if the salon could come right to your doorstep?

TresseNoire, is a new service in the Philadelphia area that does just that. The traveling salon will also be making its way to New Jersey, New York, Maryland, Richmond VA and North Carolina. All you have to do is simply have your hair washed and your personal stylist will arrive to your home to style your hair for you.

In addition to styling your hair, a free Curl Consultation is included. Your stylist will ask you questions about your hair, evaluate its health and provide you with feedback that you can use to improve your hair regimen.

For my style, I decided to go with a rod set and a french roll. My stylist, Leslie hooked me up and I absolutely loved the outcome! Here is a look of how this style was achieved.

For more information, check out their site at

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