How to Grow Your Edges Back

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As soon as you notice your edges thinning out take action. Ignoring the problem will only make it worse and will¬†lead to permanent damage. If your situation is really bad have a Dermatologist evaluate your hair. If your follicles are not dead and you haven’t suffered permanent hair loss with patience and consistency you can reclaim your hairline!¬†

Follow these steps to grow back your edges >

44 thoughts on “How to Grow Your Edges Back

  1. My hair is natural but very thin w/ severely thinning edges. Not sure if I should do the big chop & start from scratch. How can I thicken my hair & reclaim my edges?

  2. My edges are very thin so many different oils and they still not growing back what can I do

  3. Do wearing scarves during the day or silk bonnet at bed harms the edge. What should I put on my head for bed? I wear head Scarves to WORK. Is that harming my edges?

    1. As long as your not pulling the scarf super tight every single day around your edges you should be fine. Avoid too much tension.

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