3 Ways To Avoid Damage When You Don’t Feel Like Dealing With Your Hair

Avoid Breakage When You Feel Lazy

There are many different factors in life that may make us less interested in giving our hair the care it needs. Whether it’s work, becoming a new busy mommy or stress sometimes other areas will take priority. Unfortunately if you go too long without nurturing your hair, the price can be hefty. Especially if you have fine kinky textured strands tangles, dryness and breakage will come easy. Here are some tips that will help you maintain the health of your hair even when you are not feeling up to.


Go with a long term protective style


Braids extensions, Senegalese twists, crochet braids or two strand twists will help to give you some relief. They do not require daily styling and maintenance, the only thing you should have to worry about is moisturizing so your hair does not dry out. All you will need is a nice spray bottle with water or a moisturizing spray product. Make sure your spray the ends of your hair well and try not to get too much product on your scalp to avoid the itchies and buildup.

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Rock some headwraps

Not only can you make headwraps look stylish, but they are perfect for when you need a break from your hair. Two strand twist or braid your hair to keep it from matting, wear a silk bonnet/turban underneath to prevent dryness from the cotton fabric and wrap.

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Wear your hair pressed out

If you are open to wearing your hair straightened go for it. While wearing your hair pressed there is very little upkeep. Just wrap your hair at night, comb out in the morning and go. Yes, it is not good to get in the habit of going heat crazy, but sometimes it really is just easier if you are not in the mood for putting time into your hair. When you straighten your hair this also gives you a look at how much split ends you will have to cut off, so take this opportunity to refresh your hair.

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  • I am having extreme shedding of hair, whether it be in its natural or pressed form. When natural there would rpextreme tang,Es during wash/conditioning. The same during pressing. While wrapping my hair is left in my comb. I have had aphogee treatment and deep conditioning to no avail. I’ve resigned to the fact that I’ve entered my sixties and to expect thinning hair. Before that date I’ve a very “full” head of hair. My meds are an occasional arthritis pain med. any thoughts?

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