Why I Will Cut My Hair in a Heartbeat

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cutting off split ends

I use to be so afraid of cutting my hair even when I desperately needed to let it go. Now that I understand what it takes to grow healthy hair that mentality eventually faded. I see no point in holding onto scraggly broken off strands just for the sake of length, especially when it looks so terrible!


Anytime your hair is looking like this please say goodbye! Not only does it look hideous but it gets in the way of length retention and when it has gotten to this point your hair is breaking off whether you want to cut it off or not. I recently took a visit to the salon and after my hair was pressed out I noticed my hair was looking scraggly so without hesitation I cut it into a bob style. It looks so much healthier and I have no worries because I know my hair will grow back. While hair cuts do not make your hair grow per say, when you have fresh healthy start it will be easier to grow your hair because tangles or splits won’t get in your way.

Short/medium cuts look so stylish! I have fallen in love with mine and I felt like I would have love to try going a little shorter in the back. Admittedly, I still love to have some sort of length in the front portion of my hair so as long as I have that I am good to go. If you find yourself in need of a cut, if you can salvage your hair in the front keep it. It will help you feel more feminine and girly if going shorter is outside of your comfort zone.

Sometimes we have to stop glorifying long hair as if that’s the only way we can be beautiful. Not all length is good length. Yes long hair looks gorgeous, but not if it’s all damaged and thinned out. After some time if you don’t make sure your ends are in check it will appear to you as if your hair is not growing. The splits will travel up the hair shaft and break off fairly easily. Maybe you will never get to a point where you are carefree about cutting your hair, but just realize if longer hair is your goal, if you have a bad split end situation it will counteract your efforts to retain more hair length. It’s understandable that not everyone is comfortable with a shorter look, but sometimes you have to do what you have to do to make sure your hair is healthy.

Chime in naturals! Are you scissor happy or you can’t stand getting your hair trimmed/cut?


1 thought on “Why I Will Cut My Hair in a Heartbeat

  1. I use to be afraid but now I’m not. I don’t tie long hair to beauty but to the amount of work it may or may not take to maintain the cut. Now that I’m no longer afraid of wigs, I know that I always have a go-to should I need a break from my manicured hair.

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